Monsters under the bed.

{Written 7 March, 2011. Discovered in the Drafts folder on 2 Feb, 2012.}

No, Amelie isn’t afraid of monsters under the bed.
My guess is that if a monster came out from under the bed at this point in her life, she wouldn’t know the difference & she’d just laugh at him & try to suck on his finger.

See, there was this episode of 30 Rock.
{I’ve been watching some of them on Netflix instant which streams through our TV. Though, it is the worst thing to happen to my to-do-list, my stack of books to read, and my overall productivity since, well, anything yet.}
And on this particular episode of 30 Rock, Jack Donaghy is talking about his mentor, Don Geiss. Don Geiss is supposed to have been this business genius {as far as Jack is concerned.}
Jack’s telling this story about Don & his business savvy.

“Don was the one who realized there was a whole segment of consumers not buying light bulbs. The asleep.
That realization led him to develop the nightlight and the marketing campaign aimed at making children afraid of the dark. ”A monster under every bed.”

I’ve come back to this quote over & over & over & over again since I encountered it on 30 Rock.

It is incredible.
I just watched an awesome little short called “The Story of Bottled Water”
{part of a series called “The Story of Stuff”}
where we’re presented with a story of some facts about the way our consumerism is absolutely trashing our planet.
OUR home.

John & I were discussing a blog post by one of our favourite bloggers when I realized that I believe many things, which, if presented with opposite, even true, “facts” I would not change my belief about.

Because somewhere, someone is developing a nightlight and the marketing campaign aimed at making every American afraid of everything that doesn’t make someone else billions of dollars.

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