William Wallace kills debt

Listening to Coldplay before work made it seem like I was getting ready for something epic.

Of course, in a way, my job is paying off our debt as well as providing my family with food and shelter. Not much that is more epic or important than fighting/working for freedom and providing for family. The entire movie Braveheart was about just such a topic. Spoiler alert – skip to after the photo if you haven’t seen the film!!!

The film has a very powerful moment when William is about to be killed because of his unwillingness to let Britain and a few powerful men in particular rape his homeland and his children. He looks and sees the reason for his own death – his wife. The reason he would not give up fighting was because his wife was, in the end, worth his own death. We have a Savior who could have had victor in a moment but gave up His own life because we were worth everything He had to give.

William about to take on debt

Although it is not as tangible, debt is an evil master – as evil as a foreign invader. If we need a more substantial direction for finger pointing, then the credit card companies make for an easy target, and rightly so with their debt creation tactics. But to defeat debt like William Wallace we must realize that the problem started with our desire for more. Life lived within limits doesn’t require or create debt but a limitless existence MUST create an imbalance. Debt is the result of wanting beyond what is appropriate. Death must happen for the victory to be won.

Painful journeys into the dark parts of our hearts can open up the hopeful future of living truly free. Freedom that knows limits and boundaries.

Impossible? Yes. But we have a William Wallace who already died to make all things possible.

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