Debt Freedom: Fun begins with “F”

Debt Freedom Series: The Celebration Begins

Once upon a time I (John) got myself into some pretty serious debt.
$65,000 to be approximately exact.

So when I went to get married and my future father in law challenged me to get out of debt in less than 5 years I was overwhelmed. Of course, marrying Lee Anne has been the best thing for me, learning how to handle money.

This is a series about the last steps towards our Debt Freedom, each time we fill in a letter we get closer to…


Today we begin with F. Getting to fill in the first letter after Lee Anne made this banner was AMAZING, just a few years ago I was paying and paying without making any progress on my debt freedom journey and now? So much progress we can count the months on our fingers (and a couple toes). One of the biggest parts of paying off debt is reminding yourself that this won’t last forever, you can be debt free and you can change your lifestyle to enjoy financial freedom so you will never be burdened with debt again.


Fun Fact: We started with much debt and little time, but now debt freedom is going to be closer to 3 years!
Fun Fact: It took 5 years to get a BS college degree for a career I didn’t/don’t plan to have.
Fun Fact: We have begun living simply and enjoying more of the less we have.

Our Debt Freedom Journey - Today is F day!
Look at the beautiful F - each letter is $1000 closer to Debt Freedom!

Today is day F of our debt freedom journey. Soak up the fun and freedom!

Enjoy this video we made to celebrate


3 thoughts on “Debt Freedom: Fun begins with “F””

  1. I’ve really been impressed with how committed you two have been to this journey, and how far you’ve come! I love this idea to track the home stretch.
    Love you both!


  2. Can you explain what your system is for getting out of that much debt so quickly? How are you not using your B.S. and what motivational techniques are you using (like the banner)?


    1. One of my main motivators is my day job. Since being debt free was important to us before getting married, I took on a job that paid more but wasn’t even close to my passion for film. Once we are done I get to quit and pursue that dream.

      We used a modified version of Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball to keep our momentum going.


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