It’s cool.
Like, it’s cool, here.
Which is to say, the weather is lovely.

We haven’t used our HVAC in 48+ hours. I’m wearing fuzzy socks that allow me to slide across the wooden floors of our house with childlike wonder. {I’m still amazed I can do that without falling flat on my bum.}

I’ve discovered that I love having people in our home.
I love it when people come in & stay.
Example: I hosted Mama Circle recently. It starts at 10:30 a.m. After awhile, I felt a hunger pain & I looked at the clock only to discover it was 2:30 p.m. We’d been sitting there in my living room, talking, laughing, connecting, sharing for FOUR hours.
And I was thrilled.
Tonight, I invited folks in for hot cocoa after we’d been outside watching a movie on the lawn in front of the lake at Pics on the Promenade & since it was one of very few hot cocoa appropriate occasions, I jumped on the opportunity.
2 hours went by, and everyone went home. I adore that these friends are comfortable to stay, to just be in our home. It brings me to life just a little bit more, each time that happens.

Amelie is adoring her baby doll, Daisy, these days. Daisy gets carried, snuggled, nursed, hugged, patted, dropped {oops}, kissed, dragged, & loved on all the time. It’s pretty much the most precious thing I’ve ever seen.

And, I’m more in love with John than ever. {Which I didn’t even know was possible.}

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