Debt Challenge

When going to ask for Lee Anne’s hand in marriage, my now father-in-law gave me a challenge that has changed our marriage and my financial life forever.

His challenge? Make a plan, work the corporate job, become DEBT FREE. In 5 years or less.

Now, if you know me well you might know that I hate thinking about, learning about or taking time to plan for my own financial life. This doesn’t mean I don’t spend money, but it does mean that one year after college I had amassed around $65,000 in debt.

My eating habits,
choice of school,
choice of car,
choice of apartment,
a broken engagement
and random movie/music purchases
put me in a very bad place.

Ok not all bad, but moving back with my parents because I had to wasn’t my idea of growing up.

So now Lee Anne and I are coming up on 2 years of marriage and we have made amazing progress, Jesus has taught both of us (me, more) about using His money wisely. We have become more generous and free from the consumerism with which we were once consumed.

And the most of time I have had a job that allowed me to be home, a lot.

But in conversations about the 12ish months we have left before we are debt free I still am looking for ways to get out of my job faster. Less than 3 years from when we started and sometimes it feels like it has been FOREVER.

Let’s compare FOREVER with the time I have had without debt:
18 years – created fewer than 5 short films and wasted so much time doing useless things
6 years – Went to college and spent most of my time doing useless things while having access to AMAZING people and resources

So I am reminded that although a year might seem like a lifetime…. very soon I will be faced with a bigger challenge: what will I do with my energy and time when we are debt free?

Starting with this post, we are going to share our debt freedom journey as we take the last steps…

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