Like a Child

My little lady is closing in on 10 months.
Ten months ago we welcomed someone into our lives and she has made quite the impression on us.

In just under ten months she has learned to use her sounds to let me know she needs a potty break, and in that same time she has taught me that almost nothing I am doing is quite as important as the moments I get to take care of her.

In just under ten months she has learned about the exciting sounds that come from the colorful mini-piano when she pounds it with all her strength, amazingly enough she has shown me what it takes to both learn a new instrument as well as appreciate music with my whole person.

In just under ten months she has learned that mommy and daddy kissing means she will be treated with more love, affection, patience and tender care. While she was learning that, I discovered that reveling in every affectionate moment can make up for the lack of quantity quality time I deeply desire.

Jesus continues to show me why He said that embracing The Kingdom of Heaven can only be done like a child. Amelie reminds me of the most important things everyday and the Kingdom breaks into my life once again.

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