Daddy take the Heel

Some things don’t become apparent
until you become a parent.

Growing up I was always curious when my dad would eat the end or ‘heel’ of the bread loaf. I asked him about this and he just replied, “That’s just part of being your dad”. He would often take whatever was left over from everyone else’s meal to make his own plate.

Now, without any spoken words I find myself doing many of the things he did, almost like I caught his virus of unspoken deeds. Some of these have been/are being painfully removed (like reliance on debt to make your career what you want) but others I am starting to embrace. He modeled for me a heart to serve in the little things.

Lee Anne and I have a passion for many things that Jesus is slowly revealing as important. Even though these passions are good, they will never be caught by our kids unless the passions work their way deep… Into the places where we keep our true selves.

A great example of this is food.
We LOVE food, even if we aren’t goodies or great cooks, we LOVE to eat delicious things.
We LOVE healthy food, the kind that puts a spark in your step and makes you friendlier.

Of course this presents a problem: when we don’t spend the time a lot of healthy food doesn’t taste as good as the easy to make unhealthy kind.

So our kids will see us making one of two choices:
a. Spend extra money and time on healthy foods… Sometimes just eat junk
b. Make the healthy options a default by totally changing our habits and lifestyle

Option B is:
Simple… Yes
Easy… No

Lately I have found myself eating the heel of the bread loaf. Somehow my dad convinced me without a word that leaving the most delicious part of the meal for my family makes everything better. He showed me that doing the better thing can actually be more enjoyable than the selfish thing. And over time our true Dad will convince us down to the little things that His ways are truly more enjoyable.

My hope is that one day Amelie looks up at me and asks me why I eat the ‘gross’ part of the bread.

What are somethings you saw your parents do that you didn’t understand until recently?

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