Sad Day Ted

Lost one of my best friends tonight. Even if I see him again it won’t be the same. We have been friends off and on for over 2 years…. Really raw, honest friendship. He pushed me to be honest with myself and I was, at times.

This friend was someone who struggled like all of us and yet his passion for the Bible made him speak about the Gospel like it is real. Not some nice idea to make yourself feel better. When he read the Word it meant something, the reading and discovery meant that his whole life needed to change. He was known in our conversations for bringing a portion of the Bible into the everyday parts of real life. So even though he was self-proclaimed ‘far from perfect,’ he understood that perfect is being in loving relationship with God and neighbor.

After weeks of seeing us in our brokenness and the nice face we put on for church people, he just got angry and left. Unlike me he expressed his emotions, so when he was angry, hurt or annoyed – he showed it.

I will miss our talks.
I will miss our discussions on how the Gospel changes everything

Ted, you are missed already.

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