A long overdue letter to my favourite human being:
{For his 27th birthday, August 15th. The fourth time we’ve gotten to ring in his birthday together!}

It’s been 3 years since I got to wish you a happy 24th birthday at midnight.
It’s been 3 years since I first really wondered what would  become of our friendship,
clearly it was fated for more than either of us imagined.

I am so glad that I get to celebrate that I’ve gotten to spend 4 birthdays with you – and that I will get to spend the rest of them with you.
I am so glad that I get to look forward with great joy & growing anticipation to the many more years I get to see you growing into even more of the wonderful man God created you to be.

It has brought me immeasurable joy to see you be set free from vices, to become more confident in your convictions, more honest about your passions, more mature in your actions, more thoughtful in your creativity.
You are an inspiration to me.
You are a constant joy in my life.
You put the light in delight which has lit up my vocabulary;
You are more than I could have ever imagined a husband would be.
And you help me become more fully me.
You’ve helped me learn to be true to myself.
To speak up, to calm down, to love well & listen closely.
You’ve helped me to better see the people around me,
and you’ve loved me, freely.
You’ve given me love, for free.
You’ve given me love, abundantly.
You’ve given me love that sets me free.
You’ve given me courage to be me.

You’re strong & compassionate, loving & wise.
You’re my hero – by always telling me that you’re the villain in every story, you point me to the true hero – the one that rescued us both.

You are the courage behind my decision to finally have dreads,
You are the light to every photo that I take, pressing me onward to keep trying.
You are my rock in the difficult Mommy moments, reminding me of truth in love.

Happy {very, very belated} birthday, my sweet man.
You are better than I could’ve imagined – and I can’t imagine how much better you’ll be next year.

PS – I know, I haven’t even touched on what an amazing Daddy you are. You really, really are.

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