Over whelmed.
Over committed.
Over booked.
Over it.

If there are any of you ‘readers’ left out there, I imagine you’ve noticed that I {we} haven’t been posting much lately.
I’m sorry.
John’s gotten a new job. Which is awesome!
Especially since 2 weeks after he started we found out they’d laid off 70/90 people on his whole team {including his position, of course.}
But, it’s been a LOT more work. He’s been up at 6am everyday, & sometimes not done with work until 8pm. It’s been hard. Especially following a position that allowed us to be together a lot because it afforded us so much flexibility.
We thought this job was going to require us to move to Orlando. So we contacted our former Pastor in preparation to rejoin that church, we began looking for places to live in Orlando, we were preparing. Then we found out that it really will be better for us to stay here in Lakeland.
However, we’re anxious for a bit bigger space. {3 of us in a tiny duplex with nowhere to compost our food garbage, no space to have friends over for dinner, nowhere to put our bicycles, etc…} has made for some more grouchy times as of late {for ALL of us}.
SO, we found a house we LOVE.
We’re not people to LOVE inanimate objects frequently. But it just felt so homey to us immediately.
And it was $150/month more than we could afford. 😦
So we asked them if they could do less.

They said no.
Then they called back a week later & said that despite the interest from others, they really like us. And it’s important for them to like their tenants. They want good people in their house.
So they’re giving it to us for $25/month more than what we offered. Pretty reasonable. It’s a beautiful home. I’m excited to share pictures as we journey into making it ours.
SO… we’re moving in two weeks.

And Amelie has been in an odd phase lately.
And we had a HUGE yard sale this past weekend.
I purged all the closets.
I cleaned out my jewelry box for the first time EVER.
There were buttons & pins from middle school!
I’m trying to purge a few furniture items but they haven’t sold yet.
SO, our house is literally a complete disaster. It’s quite ridiculous.
And the constant mess makes for a really grouchy Mama Me.

We realized we’re way overwhelmed because we’re way over committed. And we’re way overbooked with our schedules.
And we’re over it.


And we’ve got to stop trying.

That being said,
Amelie 365 will continue.
And 50 Films/50 Weeks will continue.
As 50 Films/whenever we can post them. {And we do have a few coming soon!}

And we have some other projects that we’re working on that we’re excited to share here.
When we get a chance.
And there’s no pressure on ourselves to do so.
{Hopefully that will give us the freedom to write other things more often.}
I’m anxious to get some short stories written & possibly shared. Someday.

Anyway, I need to go put our little ladybug to sleep.
Goodnight, friends.
We’ll catch up on Amelie 365 posts ASAP.

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