Things, Things

Oh, things.
Things that come in threes.

Things that keep me from posting Amelie photos & other blog posts:
A computer that’s apparently on the fritz & will not allow me to offload or upload photos.
Web clients who have sites that they {believe it or not} actually want to launch. Soon.
A CRAZY schedule that actually kept me from bathing for nearly 96 hours. SAY WHAT?!?!
{I may have dreads, but I’m not dirty. Usually…}

Things that I’ve realized are my biggest struggles:
– Impatience
– Harsh words
– Overcommitting
{As blog readers, you may have noticed that last one… With things like a daily photo, a weekly film review, a weekly “random thought Thursday” post, vaccine series, and countless other forgotten promised projects. Oh, dear.}

Things that are consuming our time right now:
+ John got a job offer
+ We’re applying with a ministry called Apartment Life. {Don’t judge them on their website. Please.}
+ We had a baby a few months back {just in case you missed that one}.

Other noteworthy things:
+ I’m about to go on a trip. It’s a secret trip, until I’m there.
+ There are exciting things coming in the mail.
+ There’s an exciting new chapter of life – a new thing I’m committing to.
{It’s different this time, I promise.}

——> Noteworthy things, expanded<——

The Secret Trip
{Not to be confused with The Secret Garden, which is a fantastic movie. Does that count as my movie review for this week?.. I digress.}
The Secret Trip
+ I have to fly there.
+ I’ve never been there before.
+ Someone else bought my ticket as a gift.

Exciting Mail Things
+ New diapers specifically tailored to the needs of church nursery workers who seem completely overwhelmed at the idea of changing a cloth diaper. They look similar to disposables in their shape. They’re just super cute prints, and they don’t destroy our environment or our budget. Pictures to come. {I hope. I’m not making any commitments.}
+ A new lens for my camera.
+ A swim diaper with pink ruffles on the butt. For Amelie {of course}.

New Chapter, Commitment Thing
+ I’ve been asked – I’ve committed to – being a photographer for 3 of my friends who are planning homebirths within the year. The first Mama is due in July!
+  I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it. {Name that Saved By The Bell episode.}
+  I’m most def totes inspired by these photogs.
{No, I don’t normally talk like that or write like that. It’s unacceptable. It’s not even English. But I’m delirious from lack of sleep, excitement about so many things, and, well, general recovery from the whirlwind that has been the last little season of our lives.}

+ Good
+ Night
+ Moon

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