From Stacey

The first time I saw you I was what Gabe likes to call “Facebook stalking”.. Somehow I started flipping through John’s album of your engagement shoot (which is awesome by the way) and thought to myself what a total babe he had found himself.
How could I have known what a precious friend that woman in the photographs would grow to become..
What a whirlwind this first year has been.. ups and downs to say the least. But with your best friend beside you and Christ as your foundation you have and will weather the storms of life, if I may be so cliche.
You mean so much to me. Congratulations on your first year of marriage – I can’t wait to watch your second (etc!) unfold.

-Stacey Rutledge


The One Year Later series are posts by friends and family celebrating the first anniversary of John and Lee Anne.

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