Something beautiful…

Yet another draft I found tucked away in the old posts, that’s worth sharing.
Written: December 13, 2010
{19 days before John & were married. 1 year before I went into labor with Amelie. How perfect is that?!?!}

There’s something beautiful about how He redeems me with your love.

How I look and feel like a little girl again when I’m in your arms.

Feeling innocent and free more than I have since those things vanished from my life.

There’s something about the laughter we share, the tears of joy that come at the thought of your smile.

Tears of joy at the thought of your kiss to wake me each morning.

Tears of joy at the thought of unconditional love and grace from our Precious Saviour poured out through our hands to each other.

Tears of joy at knowing that my sweetheart, my best friend, my love will be by my side for the rest of my life.

19 days until I get to say I do, sealed with a sweet kiss, and we get to start our journey together.

My sweetheart, I love you. I am quite fond of you

I can’t wait for our journey as husband and wife… I can’t wait to discuss with you all sorts of things in light of the Gospel.

Mrs. Lanita Solomon prayed for us today at my final wedding shower – she prayed such a beautiful prayer for us that was filled with so many things – one was for our future children. You will make such a great daddy.

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