Hopin’ & wishin’

This is a fun little post.
It’s a list of things I’d like.
Be it actual stuff, or an idea/project/goal/dream.

+ How falling in love is like owning a dog.
An autographed letter pressed poem from my favourite poet.
{Also, just about anything from that page, because I can’t seem to get enough of his poetry.}

+ A water filter for our home.
Because bottled water is garbage. Literally.
And because flouride is poison.

+ Some books.
& Some music.

+ A dozen wooden eggs.
Plain, jane. To decorate when Amelie is older.
And then hide. And then find.
Over & over & over again until we can’t stand the thought of another egg.

+ A puzzle-map of Africa.
So I can learn it.
So I can teach it.
To Amelie. When she’s older.
And we can dream about traveling there & spending an entire night counting the endless stars.

+ An SLR camera that takes video.
Which may actually be possibility if I can sell my SLR & my video camera.

+ Project Purge.
{An idea I borrowed from a friend.}
To slowly empty my life of things I don’t need.
One item at a time. Each & every day.
With a little post on the blog about what we’re getting rid of.
And the option for any blog reader to have that item for the cost of shipping.
{For the items we’re not going to try to sell.}

+ Airline tickets to California to visit my sister & brother in law.
Because they just left. And I already wish they hadn’t.
And one visit per year {with both of them together} is

+ A second pair of these fabulous shoes.
I wear them daily.
Except now, I’d like them to be black.
So that every child I see doesn’t come touch my toes.
{It weirds out their parents. Doesn’t really bother me.}

+ An organizational assistant to come help me rethink our office.

+ To transition to being a shoe-free home.
You know, one where you take off your shoes at the door.
And don’t drag dirt, leaves, mess or toxins through my house.
Where my baby will soon {sooner than I’d like} be crawling around on the same floor.

+ Dreadlocks.
Coming soon, to an already messy head of mine.

+ To write. Daily.
+ To photograph. Daily.

+ To read more.

+ To live as a human being, not a human doing.
To love well the people around me, to create worthwhile things.

+ To inspire other people to create.
Because when you create {instead of destroy} you’re truly becoming the person God created you to be.
And I’d be honoured to join in helping others on that precious journey.

+ To be the best Mama & wife possible.
… The best version of me – the one who fully relies on grace for the promises of God.

{That’s all for now.}
{Pffffft. As if that’s not more than enough.}

1 thought on “Hopin’ & wishin’”

  1. I just saw a dozen wooden eggs recently…I love geographical puzzles, they’re a perfect way to learn…and I was JUST there and could’ve totally helped with your office, and probably can help from afar.


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