Ahh yes, it seems like just yesterday I was stuck in traffic at 8am on Jan 1st trying to get to Orlando to do hair for a wedding… haha. I remember I met some amazing girls that morning, and I thought “LeeAnne has some amazing friends” – and now I have come to realize that the reason is because SHE is such an amazing friend and person to be around! What a great way to start a brand new year – celebration of love and commitments and bringing the focus back to the things in life that truly matter. I am so excited about the newest little Roquemore who will be around to celebrate this amazing one-year anniversary as well! She is blessed beyond blessed to have you both as parents. I loved getting to spend time with you both and Drew that one weekend, and sad it was only that one weekend (lame!) but I know we will be seeing each other much more in the future šŸ™‚ What an amazing year it has been, and the love you both share seems to have only grown stronger. Your little family will be in my prayers always. Blessings and peace and indescribable/incredible love to you guys as you begin your second year together. Enjoy every moment. I love you both!! (and baby roque!)



The One Year Later series are posts by friends and family celebrating the first anniversary of John and Lee Anne.

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