Deer Hunter, 50 Films/50 Weeks

From Lee Anne

Without ruining the ending for any that might consider watching this film, I hated it.
It was an incredibly well made film, the story was told well, etc.
But I hated it.
I hated the message it sent across.
And absolutely most of all, I hated the ending.
With every single cell in my body I hated the ending.
I wished I could get every moment of that movie back because of how it ended.
It wasn’t ironic or interesting.
It was repulsive & infuriating.
Absolute garbage of an ending.
And incredible, unbelievable marketing for the good ole US of A.
“Join up, let us destroy your life & no matter how badly we {the US government} ruin your life, you’ll still be singing our praises in the end.”

From John


From the first frame of this film we are taken on a downward spiral into some of the worst individual evil humanity can imagine. Seeing this group of friends be ripped apart, as a group and individually, for the sake of some vague idea of freedom or patriotic responsibility was a crushing blow to my heart.

People matter, all of them. Even though the guys in this film were mostly scummy jerks and the girls were mostly desperate they all were still made in the image of the Creator and so have value and worth that can be redeemed. But when the  click of the gun becomes a blast to the head it’s all over (you will have to see the film to get what I’m talking about here).

Life is precious, it should be valued and lived to the fullest.

Film production wise – this was a solid story told very well. We are taken from a small town into the middle of the Vietnam war and back again without feeling lost at any point. The use of symbolism was subtle but powerful.

What Vietnam war movies have you seen? How did they strike you?

PS – Our next flick on the schedule is Ben-Hur.
{Our next film review to be posted… not sure.}

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