I love (parentheses)
They feel so rebellious
Breaking the logic of
the grammar rules,
you remember the ones
you were (supposed) to
learn at school(s)?

They bring so much freedom.
(a beautiful boundary.)

You can add a whole sentence
inside of another sentence
and someone else can choose
to take it or leave it.
It won’t effect
(or is it affect?)
the original sentence
(or thought,) at all,
if completely ignored.
But when acknowledged
{these} almost always add
something interesting
or thought provoking.
(Or weird.)

When I’m writing,
I like to use {these}
in place of (parentheses)
to insert separate thoughts;
Even full paragraphs split
from all the rest. So you can
leave them alone if you wish.
Or you can choose to embrace
that they’re trying to add
to a conversation being had.
(In maybe a sort of irrelevant way.)

When I’m writing,
I like to use {these}
in place of (parentheses).
It seems to defy a rule.
And because they {just} look so {much more} cool.

1 thought on “{These}”

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