As I was sitting

This past week, I’ve been really sick.
It’s required me to do a lot of, uhm, sitting.
As often happens when I’m sitting down, I take notice of my posture.
It’s terrible.
I have horrific posture.

This morning, as I was sitting, I noticed it, again.
I sat up straight – as straight as possible for a person who never sits up straight.

I thought about it.
Why is my posture so terrible?
What affects posture? {…That would lead to my posture being so terrible.}

And then it occurred to me: confidence is key.
{As with so many things.}
We subconsciously associate good posture with confidence, and cowering, hunched over posture with fear or shame.

{I have had plenty of reasons to be fearful and shameful over the years.}

As I was sitting, I thought, God made me to be confident.
I thought about Adam & Eve, the first people, and what their posture might’ve looked like.
{And their transition from walking tall with God, in the Garden, to cowering in fear – hiding from Him, in their shame.}
It’s incredible how deeply – and even physically – our sin affects us.

As I was sitting, I thought, God made me to be confident.
I’ve read the many children’s books on this subject.
I’ve known it to be true.
But I don’t know that I’ve thought about how significant
it IS. Have you?

The same One who created the beautiful stars I deeply admire, the endless ocean which always inspires, the flowers so intricate & tiny, and ALL things.
He took the time to create me.
He took the time to think of all the little quirky ways I’d do things, and He wrote them like poetry into my DNA.
He took the time to give me – of all people – the unique perspective on things that I have.
He took the time to give me these oddly colored green eyes.
He thought of me.
It wasn’t a mindless, factory sort of manufacturing of people.
It was an artist, bleeding over, pouring over, pouring into, focusing on, searching for, and creating His masterpiece.

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do good things which he planned for us long ago.
Ephesians 2:10

I’ve often struggled to see my own worth; I’ve given to letting insecurity be my place of residency.
But what if I let it resonate in my soul that the Creator of ALL things good took the time to create me?
And that He thinks I am good. That He calls me His masterpiece?
Well, that changes everything.

5 thoughts on “As I was sitting”

  1. I love- adore-admire this post. I’ve had so many thoughts in relation to Rayne and obedience lately that I’ve been meaning to blog about but haven’t found the time (being a “single” parent while mike is overseas is HARD stuff when you have no family or friends within a 500+ mile radius). Anyway, I love this. So true. Wonderful Love.


  2. Beautiful writing. It brought a tear to my eye. Although I know that God made me, sometimes I think of it as a thrown together, last minute creation (a lot like what I make and do)–but it’s not. He knit me, and you, and all of humanity together in our mothers’ wombs. Thanks for posting.


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