Schindler’s List, 50 Films/50 Weeks

Lee Anne:


Incredibly, incredibly well made film.

For someone who’s seen surprisingly many holocaust films, this one tops them all.

It’s more vivid. More real.
It feels more…

Absolutely perfect for what it set out to do.


Watch it.


Wow. Incredible. Groundbreaking. Truthful and factual.

A confession: I really appreciate Holocaust films. Something about the need to reflect on a major historic event brings out some of the best story telling in Hollywood. And the subject matter itself is almost always amazing – the human struggle for power and survival – the elemental question of this film is “What’s a life worth?”

A basic overview: This guy, Oskar Schindler, starts out the film with the goal of making as much money as quickly as possible. And he does. Money, alcohol, girls, power – he has it all. He’s got everything, except for respect and love.
By the end of the film he has rescued over 1000 Jews and has both love and respect from them and for them.

One of the things that sets this film apart from others like it –  and even mainstream cinema as a whole –  is the incredible balance between compressed “film time” and real-time. No one would watch a film if it was the recording of a real event in real-time (the Holocaust was years long) so film time gives us a sense of the passing of time and only allows for the most important things to be shown in real-time. Spielberg discovered the truest parts of this story and made us feel as though we have lived through this with Schindler – the passing of time handled in a way that allowed for time gaps to be understood without losing the power of the growing tragedy.

Ben Kingsley has a major role throughout the film and was the stand out performance. This was in the context of many wonderful performances by the entire cast.

If you haven’t seen this film (as I had not), make some time to watch and discuss.
It’s a hard story truly worth experiencing.

3 thoughts on “Schindler’s List, 50 Films/50 Weeks”

  1. I know you guys are doing 50 films/50 weeks, but have you seen “La Vida Bella.” It is a foriegn holocaust film and my favorite. Check it out if you haven’t.


  2. This movie, Life is Beautiful & Defiance… some of my favorite movies ever.. Have you seen the last 2? You must.
    I loved this movie… sadly, in a story where “winning” means just staying alive or in his case, keeping others alive, the characters can’t help but experience survivors guilt… for Schindler this is all the more magnified since he was the one “orchestrating” their survival. Whenever I think back on this movie that is what I remember.. that as much as I wanted peace for a man who’d done so much, I didn’t foresee happiness for our haunted hero.


    1. Stacey

      Those two films are favs of ours as well. I am amazed at just how beautiful Jesus becomes when we see him in the eyes of humanity loving their “enemies”. This is one of the core parts of the gospel of Jesus, that love, true love, wins over all evil.


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