Amelie’s Birth Story, Part 1: The Facts.

Amelie’s Birth Story, Part 1.

The Facts.
In timeline format.
EXACTLY as written in my birth journal pages…
{With the exception that names of midwife & others at labor are changed to their “duties.”}
As recorded first by me, then others, during my labor.

In italics, I will do my best to fill any interesting missing details.
These weren’t written in the journal.

December 13, 2010

As written by me.

1:42 a.m. |  Wake. Bathroom. Blood. Cramps. Contractions.
~1:55 a.m. |
Wake John up.
Bathroom, 3 more times.
Discuss calling midwife.
Call midwife.
Turn off lights.
Drink grape juice.
Discuss calling doula/photographer/close friend. Text two out of three.
Lay down to try to rest more.

~3:45 a.m. | Drink milk. Bathroom. Lay down. Rest.
~ 4:15 a.m. | Bathroom. Contractions. “Painful.” {Begin writing stuff.}
Back to bed. {SO excited to meet our baby!} {A little scared about delivery.}

~5:00 a.m. | Bathroom. More blood. Contractions, 5 min, consistently.
Very uncomfortable during contractions.
Lower back pain.

{Eat breakfast, discuss timing of midwife’s arrival – as well as the others.}
Enter, other writers:

~7:40 am | Midwife here. All is well. {You are smiling & chatty, settling in up & down to bathroom for contractions. Baby’s heart rate is 140’s, small kicks,
Your vital signs are awesome, as usual. John is relaxed, prepared & helpful. A glorious day! 🙂

~8:30 am | Close friend arrives – Lee Anne’s laboring in the tub.
~9:55 am | Laboring in the bedroom. Feeling some nausea – drinking grape juice.
~10:15 am | Lee Anne is eating an apple. John is eating chili.
~10:44 am | Photographer & doula arrive, check in on Lee Anne, & slip out for late breakfast.

Photographer & doula are gone to Wal-Mart for heating pads
4:30 pm | Photographer says goodbye. First vaginal exam: 1-2 centimeters, 80% effaced. 🙂
Broth, calcium magnesium & Vistaril. Have decided to try to go to sleep.
Emesis {vomiting} so honey instead. Contractions have spaced out since 5:30 am.
All vital signs are good. Baby’s HR is 130.
6ish | Midwife left as Lee Anne started shower. After shower, resting in bed. Calcium magnesium.
Knee/chest position to help back pain.
7ish | Contractions 8-10 min apart, less than a min.
8:45 pm | Cal-mag enema.
10:30 pm | John filling tub, Lee Anne resting in bed.
10:40 pm | Honey & Vistril
11:00 pm | In labor pool.
11:45 pm | Out of pool, into bathtub. {Pool water was too cool, wanted hot bath water.}

December 14, 2010
12:00 am | John says will try sleeping, lights off.
2:30 am | Lee Anne unable to rest lying down.
Contractions now regular, 5-6 min x 1 min.
Some double peaking contractions. “Handling better.”

4:30 am | Doula is up with Lee Anne.
5:00 am | John is napping.
6:00 am | Contractions getting shorter.
7:30 am | On birth ball this whole time, now to bed. Doula updating midwife.
{Midwife had gone home to rest. Both doula & midwife were also pregnant.}

8:00 am | Vistril. John is up & eating. Lee Anne is trying various positions.
10:00 am | Lee Anne in tub.
10:30 am | Out of tub. Standing & swaying. Contractions ^.
10:45 ish | Midwife here. Contractions every 3 min for 70 seconds.
11:30am | Sitting between contractions, standing with contractions.

2:45 pm | Out to Acupuncturist appointment.
4:00 | Back from apt. Resting.

6:00 pm | Things are a changing. You look amazing. Progress is being made. John is rested. Up for yummy ice cream.
7:00 pm | Chatting at table sitting on the popular ball. Ice cream good, staying put.
8:00 pm | Contractions picking up & having downward pressure, YEAH! Cute chubby “Rocker” baby on the way!
9:00 pm | Birth assistant arrives with fresh look. Updating family. John making jokes, smiling, very happy talking about baby.
10:20 pm | Going to rest in bed a bit. “It’s quiet time.”

December 15, 2010
6:00 am
| 6 cm, 100% effaced. engaged. Discussed breaking water…
6:35 am | ROM {broke the water} contractions becoming more intense. You’re trying to rebalance & adjust to new sensations. Doing an awesome job. John is an angel with you, all the way. Birth assistant is so helpful assisting with your focus. Your little girl is doing very well trying to help.
8:26 am | “It’s different down there.” Sitting on birth ball, holding onto John. Dancing back & forth.
Eyes moving from person to person for reassurance. God is present, all is well. We are thankful.
9:00 am | Can’t sit on the ball.
9:30 am | Birth Assistant #2 arrives.
9:40 am | Close friend arrives. Lee Anne is sitting in recliner, in and out of rest/sleep? After 20 minutes, the chair is no longer comfortable so she sits in the bathroom… We think fresh air would be good so she puts on a robe & walks towards the back door but the cold air is too much! {I don’t blame you – last night it hit freezing!}
Lee Anne has a contraction standing in the hall and her & John rock through it. She is then encouraged to go back to sitting in the bathroom to keep things open.
10:45 am | Sitting in the bathroom with John & Birth Assistant 2, working on figuring out how to push when the contractions come.
11:08 am | Midwife goes to the bedroom to check – Lee Anne is now just breathing through contractions instead of actively pushing.
11:45 am | A friend stopped by to say she was praying & hoping all was well. Close friend who was here sat in the car & prayed for you & John.
~12:15 | Lee Anne, John & Midwife walk out front door to get some exercise & fresh air… outside for about 10 minutes.
12:55 pm | Lee Anne has been laboring standing in the kitchen since she came back inside.
1:01 pm | Friend & Birth Assistant 2 successfully begin emptying the pool out the front door, after failed attempts out the back.
1:10 pm | Laboring in the bathroom, drinking water & chlorophyll.

End Journal timeline.

{Amelie was born via caesarean section at Lakeland Regional Medical Center at 6:21 pm on December 15th.}

Parts 2 & 3 are coming soon, focusing on what happened, how we got from 1:10 pm to 6:21 pm on December 15th, my emotions & thoughts about the birth, and of course, how I remember it.

2 thoughts on “Amelie’s Birth Story, Part 1: The Facts.”

  1. Wow…

    I somehow am only now realizing that I don’t actually know what all transpired. I am grateful for the opportunity to share in this, even now with you guys.

    I love you guys.


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