Thanksgiving Part 5.

Oh man. This is only my fifth post since starting this blog that focuses on things I’m thankful for. Man, oh man. I’m behind.

{These are in no particular order.}

I’m thankful, today, for:

66. Amelie Rose Roquemore.

67. Amelie Rose Roquemore’s nose.

68. Amelie Rose Roquemore’s eyes.

69. Amelie Rose Roquemore’s toes.

70. Amelie Rose Roquemore’s Daddy.

71. Amelie Rose Roquemore’s Nanna.

72. Amelie Rose Roquemore’s whole family.

73. A new computer that works FAST for me to be twice as productive.

74. The location of this computer – a clean desk that keeps me from distractions – making me, again, twice as productive.

75. Being 4 times as productive.

76. God’s grace. Oh, His endless grace.

77. Poetry to my weary soul this morning after an awful day & night yesterday,

Acts 11: …God has granted repentance that leads to life…

78. My new shoes. I’ve been wanting these bad boys for like, 2 years. I finally, finally, got them. And I’ve worn them since I did get them. Except in the shower. And, not to sleep, either. But still, a lot.

79. Being truly known by my husband.

80. Being married to my best friend.

81. Community Group tonight… friends who really loved on our little girl.

82. Laura McCaulley.

83. This CD that Auntie Dana gave us which was the music that FINALLY put Amelie to sleep, while I rocked her, this afternoon.

84. Elimination Communication.

85. Which brings me back to where I started… Amelie Rose Roquemore’s cute little bum.

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