Failure{s} to Watch.

Recently, we sat down to watch our 50 weeks/50 films “film of the week” and it was a movie that we have both started {& not finished} before.

John said he fell asleep the first time.

I vaguely remember starting the film and either hating it or falling asleep {6 of one, half a dozen of another…}

So, we were ready to try to tackle it together.

We suffered through the first 45 minutes.
I scoffed at the ridiculous shots that attempted to hide the fact that no, these men aren’t giants…. Nor are the shots of the other “hobbits” backs’ the shots of men at all, but rather of children.

Oh, the horror.
We couldn’t bear it.

We decided to replace The Lord of the Rings with another film from the top 100, and we’ve embraced that we may just never, ever watch it in our lifetimes.
And, I think we’re pretty much okay with that.

Please note:
If you’re a diehard Lord of the Rings fan, we’re sorry. So is Dwight, {from The Office}, and we love Dwight. So, chances are we’d probably love you, too. But, no, we won’t watch LOTR with you. And, no, we won’t understand your LOTR references. Sorry.

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