Love like the wind.

I was thinking about the wind today.
You might be wondering why exactly I was thinking about the wind today, and it’s quite simple:
because of Amelie.
{See, as a new Mom, a LOT of things are “because of Amelie” these days.}

When Amelie cries… not just any cry, but really, really crying…
{If you’re a Mom, you definitely know those  what do I do? her pain/discomfort/unhappiness is just BREAKING my heart cries…}
… it’s sometimes really difficult to get her to calm down.
And today, on the changing table, she was having one of those moments.
She’d been fed, she’d peed on her potty, & she was just having a moment of intense crying while I was trying to put her diaper on.

Something we discovered early on with Amelie was that she will ALWAYS calm down for 2-5 seconds if you gently blow cool air onto her forehead.
I’m not sure why it works this way, it just does. It’s actually, quite bizzare if you ask me.
{But I guess you didn’t ask me, so we’ll be moving on, now…}

So, here we are, at the changing table. Mommy trying not to be so sad as little one cries, trying hard to put her diaper on before it gets really intense, & there it is: Mommy remembers about blowing air on her forehead.
Gentle, cool breeze to her sweet little forehead. And she makes the cutest facial expression as she’s taken by surprise with this air to the face. And she bursts into laughter.
She smiles big at her Momma, laughing & cooing.

And at that very moment, something caught Momma’s eye out the window above the changing table: an incredible amount of leaves swirling just outside – dancing in the wind.
The wind has always been such a source of comfort for me. I remember many tough days in my teenage years that I’d just escape outside from wherever I was to feel the sweet wind on my face & there was always solace, always peace, always reassurance that I wasn’t alone, that I wasn’t unloved… that I was seen, known, cherished & worth giving peace to.

Breath like the wind gently calming my sweet baby…
Love coming straight from my soul to her sweet face.
Life from within to make sure she knows she’s not alone.
Love, like the wind.
It’s always, only, because it’s His very own.
Nothing’s ever new, nothing under the sun.. because it’s always a reworking of His beautiful creation.
Love, sweet love, like the wind.

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