One of my favourites.

Inspired by a recent wonderful film, {The Sound of Music} I’m starting a new category on this blog. It’s called…
{Can you guess?}
“These are a few of my favourite things.”

And this is the first one.
It’s a double favourite because it’s one of my favourite authors, and one of my favourites of his writing.

Borrowed from Dallas Clayton:


I will never cure cancer
not with the schooling I’ve had
and my lack of focus
and because I don’t really even know what cancer is
or how it works.

So the best I can do
is to write some things down-
some words, some pictures-
in hopes that they will inspire a stranger
sitting alone
in a laboratory
in the dark of night
to move a microscope
two clicks in an unfamiliar direction
two clicks toward a discovery
that might forever change the world
and cure me
of ever having to worry
about knowing
anything about cancer.

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