In addition to the “resolutions” I posted at the very beginning of this year, we’ve added a couple more.

Yesterday, I decided that I’m going to start a new project.
A 365 project.
I’m going to take a picture everyday this year & post it here.
Now, I realize that I may not post  everyday, but there will be a photo & a post for 365 days.
Photos of Amelie.
I only decided yesterday, but I’ve already taken the photos for everyday.
And there may not be words to accompany every picture for all 365, but there will at least be a photo from each day of the first year of her life.

Today, we decided that we’re going to watch 50 of AFI’s top 100 greatest American movies of all time – we’re doing the 10th Anniversary edition which even has a checklist so you can check off which ones you’ve seen, check it out!
That’s one film per week for the rest of the year.
In addition to just watching these films, we’re going to write about them & share this journey with you.

So those are some things to look forward to on the blog, consistently.

Other posts coming soon:
+ Birth story
+ Thoughts on Parenthood

1 thought on “Resolutions.”

  1. Love reading your blog!
    I’m looking forward to your posts! I know you shared an abridged version of Amelie’s birth with me last week, but I was bummed that I possibly missed out on the full version (if you shared it at MC). So I am glad that you will be posting about it. 🙂 Hope all is well!


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