I said that I can’t imagine how 2011 could top 2010.

I doubt that it is possible just in sheer volume of major life events.


It can as far as our goals are concerned.

Our goals for this year look a bit like this:

+ Spend more time pursuing Jesus through Scripture reading together – as a family & in accountability with valuable people from our community.

+ Spend more time outside.
Enjoying the beauty of the world we live in.
Breathing fresh air.
Basking in the sun.
Showing our little girl creativity & imagination that can be experienced on outdoor adventures.

+ Create & document more stories, via any medium or format.
{Writing, film, video, art in any form.}

+ Deliver excellent client work.
{Oddly enough: Less of “everything” and more of exactly what needs to be done.}

+ Find out more about beginning the adoption process for the next addition to our sweet little family.

Inevitabilities of 2011:
+ A deeper appreciation of our parents more as we endure rough nights {and days} with our sweet little girl.
+ Haircuts. {Especially as Amelie learns to better grip my hair.}
+ More photos than I’ve ever taken before. {John – “I will finally get some real use out of my film/video camera collection”.}
+ Celebration: first words {or word like sounds}, watching her learn & grow.

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