New Year{s}.

2007 ended & 2008 arrived…
“The New Year” wasn’t that significant.
Except that it would be the year I met my husband.
We’d both just arrived back in Orlando.
{I’d been in Africa for 6 months, John had been in Lakeland where he’d gone to college.}

2008 ended & 2009 arrived…
I’d met my best friend.
We’d spent almost everyday together since we met.
We worked on the blanket drive together for Nomsa, traveling to Atlanta & Nashville over the holidays.
We were so indecisive about what to do for New Year’s Eve to greet 2009.
Our indecision led to inactivity & we stayed in… Never made it to a party or fireworks or anything.

2009 ended & I’d fallen in love with my best friend.
I’d become his girlfriend, then his fiancee.
Our rehearsal dinner was New Year’s Eve… at our favourite little local pizza place.
{Where we went for our “first date” & where we went for so many dates.}
We went our separate ways after dinner…
Only to reunite in 2010 as we took our vows & started the New Year as husband & wife.

2010 began & it’s been the best year of my life.

2010 is ending…
{and we’ve still never made it to a New Year’s Eve party together.}
& 2011 is arriving…
We’re in a whole new chapter of our lives.
I’ve been so blessed to be his wife, and now to be the Momma of his sweet little girl.

I’m so glad I get to see another New Year come in, with my favourite person.

At this very moment, he’s holding our daughter, dancing with her in our living room.
What a beautiful life I get to live.

Also, I can’t imagine how 2011 is going to in any way top 2010.
+got married,
+moved to a new city,
+got pregnant,
+had a baby,
+launched a web development business {and a few really cool sites, I think}…

1 thought on “New Year{s}.”

  1. Are you going to post your birth story? I don’t know you in person, but I stumbled upon your blog and have followed for a few months. I know you were so excited about your natural birth plan… won’t you share?


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