WeRoquemore introduces its newest member…

{though, she won’t be blogging for awhile, she will be making appearances.}

Just in case you missed it…

Our sweet little girl arrived at 6:21 pm on Wednesday, December 25, 2010.
She weighed in at 8 pounds, 3 ounces & was 20.5 inches long.
She has beautiful thick, dark hair.

Her name is Amelie Rose Roquemore {pronounced: Ah-muh-lee Rose Rock-more}.
And, she completely has my heart.
And her daddy’s.

And she’s made me fall even more in love with her daddy – which I didn’t even know was possible.

There are so many things going through my head & heart as I’ve thought about writing.

I expected to be ecstatic to write my little girl’s birth story.
And because of the intensity of the whole process & the actual birth, I’ve been trying to process in a healthy way – grieving some things while absolutely rejoicing the outcome: our beautiful little Amelie.

Her name means “hard-working”, which is very fitting for her arrival.
And I fully expect her to be the only Amelie in any given group of people she’s in.
{Unless she’s in France, in which case, she’ll be one of a few.}
And I fully expect people to mispronounce & misspell her name.
And I hope she’ll love it.
She’s wonderfully unique & beautiful & I’m so glad we chose a name which reflects that.

It’s amazing that in 10 days {from the start of my labor last Monday – when I first really felt like a Mom – to her 1 week birthday today} my whole life feels radically different and at the same time, so simply the same.

She’s come into our life & turned everything upside down. And I just can’t imagine that just 10 months ago she didn’t even exist.

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