Baby Space

Ahhh, the joys of nesting.

Lately, I’ve been exhausted throughout the day & then getting a burst of intense energy around 9 or 10 pm where I want to start cleaning, organizing or re-ordering anything & everything in sight. Of course, I get started on one thing or another & get tired by about midnight.

Poor John. His sleep schedule has been destroyed by this recent bit of “nesting” madness that begins so late at night.

This past week, we finally sold our coffee table & side tables
{that we replaced about 2ish months ago, which have been wrapped in a tarp on the back porch ever since}.
Additionally, we sold our guest bed… which I’m SO thankful for.

Have I explained our little “guest bedroom” before?
It’s our office, guest room, & library.
We have had a full size bed, large desk, & three bookshelves in there.
One very tall bookshelf that’s completely full & two half-size {4 feet tall-ish} bookshelves: one full of books, one full of much of our vinyl album collection.

Whew. It’s been CROWDED in that room.

Anyway, I’ve been asked about how the nursery is coming along for the baby.
{I’ve been asked that A LOT.}
And I had a bunch of reasons to not start on the nursery sooner…
{like out of town guests, an inability to sell our guest bed, & that we don’t know how long we’ll even live in this little apartment/triplex place}.

But, the reality is this:
+ I’m not painting the walls because I really don’t know how long we’ll be here & I’m pregnant and really shouldn’t be around those nasty fumes & chemicals anyway.

+ We plan to “co-sleep” which means that baby girl will be in our room. We do have a beautiful bassinet that my grandfather made for me when I was born, which will be in our room, but we also plan to “bed-share” with baby  when she’s really little, if that works for the three of us. Otherwise, she’ll be in the bassinet, very close to us.

So, she won’t have her own room yet, & although we were given a crib… We don’t plan to use it yet.

But I have to admit that there have been several times that I’ve been wondering if I’m really missing out on the joys of making a nursery for our little one.
Mostly when I look at photo albums on Facebook of other nesting Mamas & see their sweet nurseries.

Having sold the guest bed, I set up the part of the room where it had been previously as baby’s space.
Baby space.
I’m not working on a “nursery” but I am working on baby’s space.
There’s a changing table with alternating pink & purple {because they were out of the cute blue polka dot ones} canvas bins that store her clothes & various other baby items.
I hung a mesh thing-y from IKEA in the corner, from the ceiling, in which I plan to organize our cloth diapers & supplies.
Her bassinet is there, for the time being, until her arrival.
And, tonight’s craft project is making tissue paper flowers to hang from the ceiling as decor – with leftover tissue paper from all the shower gifts we’ve been given so far.

Pretty stoked.

3 thoughts on “Baby Space”

  1. Making a nursery isn’t all its cracked up to be- I almost felt left out not really doing one either until I realized… he doesn’t care what his room looks like! Whether all the wall decorations coordinate with the dust ruffle on the crib and the mobile are SO not things he can even begin to process for quite a while. Co-sleeping makes it even more pointless to really worry about =)


  2. Lol. My poor baby number four ended up in a closet in the office! It is so not a necessity. I did however end up putting my first in her own room just because she refused to sleep when in my bed. Parenting is an adjustment, don’t feel you will ever have it down to a science. With each step of your babys life there will be different feelings and you will make changes to make it work for you. Remember, what works for one mom may not work for you. Try to be flexible and enjoy the beauty in being a parent. This is your baby, your life, your choices. Good or bad we all have to pave our own way. Bathe your actions in prayer, follow the Lords leading and don’t let the rest bother you. You will make good and not so good choices, but it wont be the end of the world. ;-).


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