It’s become what I promised it wasn’t.

Yesterday, I realized that what I promised wasn’t procrastination had become just that.

In all my doubts about sharing my research about vaccines…
& how to best reveal my heart in the process,
& our conclusions about vaccines for our family,
I’ve gotten to a point where I, just, so don’t know how to begin that I’ve avoided it for the last week or two.

Also, I recently downloaded the 2009 VAERS report.
{Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System by the CDC}
After reading through about 1,200 of the 30,000+ cases, I got incredibly overwhelmed & haven’t done any reading/research since.

So, that’s where we are.

At first, I planned to write one all-encompassing post that briefly summarized my vaccine research as well as what our stance is & how we came to that conclusion.
Then I realized I needed to break it up into segments.
Then I thought, maybe it would be better for me to write one post per vaccine, plus an additional “our stance” post.

Now, I just don’t know where to start.
And, honestly, my heart and mind have become so overwhelmed in the midst of all this research that I haven’t wanted to dive into it, either.

Anyway, I promised.
I promised to share my resources & research.
I promised I wasn’t procrastinating, and now that I realize I am:  I must just face it & make it happen…

I fully intend to follow through with that promise.
Even if it has gotten overwhelming for me.

So, we’ll start with a vaccine that was the least controversial for me…

{Coming this week: The HPV Vaccine.}

1 thought on “It’s become what I promised it wasn’t.”

  1. You just barely mentioned that vaccine (HPV), and already my opinions are bursting to be heard. The false-advertising about that vaccine drives me crazy. I understand that no one really plans to have a promiscuous daughter, but to make provisions for her to be promiscuous seems so sick! I did not have the vaccine because I knew that I was not going to sleep-around. My husband was a virgin, and I was a virgin, and HPV is virtually unheard-of in virgins. My sister-in-law was bullied into getting it, without anyone explaining to her the real reasons for the vaccine. She’s a virgin, and I don’t see any reason for her to have been vaccinated against HPV.

    *Stepping off my soap box*


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