A dream of many {I hope will stay alive}

This morning, as I was checking my Google Reader for new blog posts by my favourite bloggers, my absolute favourite had posted several blog posts since I last checked. 6 to be exact.

This writer always, always, always inspires me to write.

Once, in fact, I was so inspired that I spent an entire night waking up writing down lines that would fit in a children’s story…
One at a time, as they came to me in my dreaming.


I’ve been wanting to write a children’s book for quite some time.
And, like all the things worth doing, my almost always first attempt
{and all too often the only approach I take}
is simply to procrastinate.

Put it off, because certainly that’s how it’ll get done.
{By some one else, maybe, but not by this one.}

But my favourite stories are the ones where people overcome their fears, triumph over evil & pursue their dreams.
Instead of being one of those people, I all too often let my self fall into the category of people who’ve given up, or never tried.
Of people whose dreams have died.

So I know I’ll probably put it off.
I’ll avoid it and evade it until it haunts me, terrifies me, worries me, and finally makes me face it & run screaming in the other direction OR
until I just sit down & start to get it all out.

I just thought I’d let you know.

One of my dreams is to write a children’s book.
A book dedicated to our children that’s intent on showing them my heart for them – about what I think is one of the most important things in life.

And, maybe having told you that I want to do this will, in some way, motivate me to do it.
Or maybe having told anyone that I want to will scare me into avoiding and evading even more than normal,
Because, well, maybe you’ll have hope or expectation for me that it would be good or even halfway decent.
And I hope that, but I mostly assume it’d be garbage.
Here I am, in the midst of some serious self-sabotage.

I better go, now, and be thinking of it so I can get through the avoiding and reach the just doing it part a little sooner.

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