An {overdue} letter to the Littlest.

I started this little journal for our baby girl.
That I planned to write in DAILY, or at least weekly.
I’ve definitely failed at meeting those goals, though I have written in it a good bit.
Anyway, I thought I’d write a letter to the littlest that I’d share.


Dearest little one,
Your kicks & wiggles have gotten more intense.
It’s like you get all up inside my ribs & do a little dance.
Even in the moments that it’s super uncomfortable, I absolutely love feeling every little wiggle.
It reminds me that you’re coming soon.
It reassures me that you’re doing alright.

I almost forgot to tell you: I dream about you, almost every single night.
I can’t wait to see your little face & kiss your sweet cheeks.
I can’t wait to tickle your little tummy & eskimo kiss your tiny nose.
I can’t wait to snuggle you; I can’t wait to play with your little fingers & toes.

I know I’ve told you a million times that your Dad is the best.
But I just want to remind you…
He loves you so, so much.
He sings & plays guitar for you & me almost every night before bed.
He talks to you through my belly & tells me how he can’t wait to hold you.

He has this thing that he does when he’s really excited about something.
{That I’m sure you’ll get to know very well.}
His voice changes just a little & his eyes get all squinty because he’s smiling so big… I can’t even begin to explain all the little details of those ecstatic moments he has, but you’ll see. And thinking about it makes me so happy.
He’s going to be such a great Daddy.
You’ll see.

Yesterday, I was thinking about how you’ll grow up so quickly.
I’ll be wanting to protect you from boys so badly.
You’ll probably think I’m super lame & way uncool.
You’ll be right.

I was thinking…
I’ll probably cry lots of tears because of you.
I already have.
So far, tears of joy.

And I hope you’ll know how much joy you bring to my life.
I hope you know that your Daddy & I love you so.

I hope & pray that I’m vulnerable with you…
Making sure you know I’m never perfect.
Making sure you know I’ve never been that.
I hope & pray that we teach you what’s most important.
That mercy & grace are ultimate.
That breath & life & beauty are made possible because we’ve been set free.
That we’re so broken, but He loves us so perfectly.

Baby girl, I’ve yet to meet you & you’ve changed my life so much already.
I can’t wait to see who He’s shaping you {& me} to be.
I can’t wait to meet you & be your mommy!

I love you, sweet little one.
– Your Mom –

PS — I want you to be as healthy as can be, so I want you to stay in this belly as long as you need to for that to happen.
BUT… I want to meet you! I want to hold you! And obviously, I need patience.
So, I’ll see you when I see you & until then, I’ll see you in my dreams!

1 thought on “An {overdue} letter to the Littlest.”

  1. Oh Lee Anne, this is so beautiful. And totally made me cry. This little girl has such a wonderful Mommy and Daddy, she is already so blessed. I am so excited for the two of you to become parents. It is simply the best thing ever. 🙂 You can’t even imagine it. Love you gal!! xox


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