Peanut Butter Jelly Time

I made myself a sandwich for lunch.
Jelly & peanut butter with extra crunch.
On bread that’s got crusts & seeds.

I remembered as I spread the jelly
the requirements I had for such a sandwich
when my Mom used to make it for me.

No crusts, peanut butter that’s got NO crunch.
I can’t eat crunchy peanut butter, MOM!
It has to be creamy!

{I remember the debate I’d have in my head as child:

Would I rather have a glass of milk or a bowl of vegetable soup?

Both such great options to accompany the PB & J.

Today, I poured milk into a mason jar.

And preheated the oven to bake cookies for myself.

Because I knew the milk would outlast the sandwich.

And if I’ve got the time to heat the oven, why not bake three cookies for myself?}

Peanut butter & jelly.
It makes me think of my mom.

I thought,
I’m about to be a mom.

I wondered…

When my daughter’s twenty-three,
what will make her think of me?

2 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Jelly Time”

  1. This was very sweet 🙂

    I always think of my mom when I make chili because she’s who I called the first time I made it on my own. What I love now is that I bought she and I the same cookbook, so we share when we’ve tried something new and what we would suggest for doing the next time.


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