Dreams with New Direction

John insisted that I post this.
Normally, this kind of thing would stay in the “drafts” section of my posts – forever.

I fought tears from my eyes
As I {for the first time} realized:
Maybe I’ll never return to France.

Maybe my desire for the landscape of Paris
will simply never, ever be.

I’ll always have the one day I went.
And filled every moment, all my energy spent,
On eighteen hours to see,
Almost all I wanted of Paris.

I fought tears from my eyes
As I {for the first time} realized:
It’s beautiful to see what your dreams become,
when you give them complete freedom.

I realized that my former dreams
had me travel to many deserts & streams –
mountains & valleys, villages & cities.

But they were very lonely travels.
Where I’d meet all sorts of animals,
and people too.
But always traveling by myself,
maybe never meeting you.
Greeting & meeting passersby,

{As I failed to see that’s exactly all I’d be:

A passerby on a crowded street,

Or in a rural village…}

A passerby chasing a dream
That gives adventure but leaves a hole.

Now, my dreams?
Simple & boring they seemed
when compared to all my former dreams:
I want to be surrounded
with children who laugh and play.
Children who’ll take care of me one day.
Who ask silly questions and aren’t afraid to dance.

{Who sing & jump

Who dream & feel

Who listen & learn

Who aren’t afraid to be

exactly who they are}

even if that means they dance
in only their underpants.

My dream now, is to do my very best
to teach them to always dream.
To make every day an adventure,
Where ever we are.
That we don’t have to be in India or Zanzibar.
We can be right here where everything seems so regular.
Plain, even.

Those are the best kinds of adventures –
when you least expect them.
That’s when you meet a dragon or a giant.
That’s when you discover that there is always adventure all around us.

That’s a person I’d like to be.
A mom who teaches her kids to always see –
Beauty & hope & life –
Regardless  of the scenery.

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