Adoption: An unwritten chapter.

I’ve been dreaming about adoption lately.

{I’ve been thinking of it for about 3 years.}

I dreamed that we adopted a little boy.
John & I had three or four kids piled in our room, all sitting on our bed & we were anxiously awaiting a phone call about when we could pick up our little boy.

We’ve talked about adoption as something we’re passionate about

{before we were ever even married}.

Saturday, we had a friend visiting from Atlanta, a Mama of two very smart, precious girls.
She’s a social worker. We talked about adoption & fostering {for a couple of hours I think}.

There’s so much to consider. So, so many variables.

And there are so many things that we’re passionate about within the category of adoption as well.
Older kids, & when they get stuck in the ‘system’.
Supporting local communities by adopting locally..
At the same time, I have a huge passion for orphans in other countries
{namely, those orphanages where I’ve been privileged to serve, as well as several others}

Oh, & how beautiful would it be to adopt a little baby in a time where I’d be able to nurse that baby?
{A baby who’d never otherwise have the opportunity to breastfeed. Oh, the bonding.}

{Not right NOW, but when this growing baby girl is like, maybe, 1 year old?}

We’ve talked about adoption so much & we’ve addressed our hearts in response to so many of the variables that factor into the process.
We want our biological kids to understand with absolute certainty that their adopted sibling{s} were never an afterthought. That they were all, always on our hearts.
And more than anything, we want them to see & know & understand the beauty of our place as adopted children in God’s family – through a living & breathing example in their home – as part of our family’s core values.

But what of having two babies at the same time?
And what of finances?
And what of future plans?
And what of the convenience {that’s so burnt into our American mindset}?

Nothing about choosing to rescue another life is safe, convenient, cost effective, or remotely easy.
But it’s what we’re called to.
If John & I are to claim that we’re truly “pro-life”*

{which we do, we are}
Then, we must in the same breath, the same moment, the same thought process, be completely willing to open our home to take in those same “unwanted” or “unplanned” babies.

And we are.
That’s a chapter that I know has been written into our story.
I anxiously, passionately, hopefully, joyfully, {hopefully} patiently, lovingly, prayerfully await the moment that chapter begins.

Thank you, Jesus for giving us one heart on this matter: for giving us equal passion about our responsibility to live & love, and for the ways I know you’ll provide for us when you lead one child or many into our lives.

* “Pro-life” in this context, for us, meaning: from ‘womb to tomb.’
This applies to abortion, euthanasia, death penalty, war, genocide, etc.
The message of the gospel is grace & forgiveness, freedom & life.
Maybe I’ll write some posts on some of those other topics.

{Maybe after I read Jesus for President again.}

3 thoughts on “Adoption: An unwritten chapter.”

  1. Praying for you in your quest to figure out where God wants you in this! Sounds so similar to us in the beginning. It still amazes me how God put this desire in our hearts and the love I feel for a child who didn’t even come from me is just as strong as the one who did. I know the same will be true for you. Your hearts are beautiful 🙂


    1. Thanks for your kind words Jessica. I am both nervous and excited about this chapter starting in our lives.

      When Amelie came along I thought my heart couldn’t handle the extra love I experienced for her (it was already full from my marriage to Lee Anne) but now I realize that with each new family member Jesus will only increase my capacity to love and be loved.


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