Wait. I mean, catch up. I need to play catch up. We’re so far behind.
{Also, yes, I do know that I’m super cheesy. And probably not funny. But I will keep trying.}

I just realized my last 5 blog posts are saved as drafts.
What a mess!

So, what’s new?
Well, the in-laws moved to Nashville…
While we drove to ATL to bid farewell to my sweet sister who moved to San Jose.
By the time we got back from Atlanta, the in-laws were also back in Florida.
They stayed with us for a few days. Then went back to Orlando.
Then returned for another overnight stay, last night.

It’s been a whirlwind of chaos these last 3 months as we’ve been saying goodbye &
doing our best to make as many family get togethers as possible before the move.
I’m exhausted.

I’m working hard on another web project, for a really cool group that I really like:
Pics on the Promenade.
{I’d link to their website, but that’s pointless at the moment because I’m not finished with it. So yeah. They have a Facebook, though.}

I’m still making my way through a couple of vaccine books.
See, we’ve already made our vaccine decision.
We’re completely settled. & We’re confident in our decision.
But sharing the information that led us to that decision is a different story.
It’s harder than I thought it would be, and I want to make sure I have great references & resources to provide for people who have asked for the information.

That’s still a work in progress, but I can’t let it keep me from writing on the blog altogether, either.

We’re in the 3rd trimester now.
I’ve yet to be sick – no nausea or vomiting, no unbearable anything.
Last week, however, I discovered my sciatic nerve.
Apparently, littlest’s head was resting on it.
And, man, oh man, was that the most awful thing!
It’s a good bit better now, but it comes & goes.
And when it does, it prevents me from walking, sitting comfortably, bending, moving,
or otherwise being productive, comfortable, or relaxed.

She’s also taken to this awesome stretching/kicking exercise where she punches me in the bladder while simultaneously kicking me in the ribs. It’s super.
{Super cool. And super uncomfortable.}

I bet I’ll miss her little wiggles in my belly.
I’m indescribably excited to see her wiggle in my arms, though.

We still don’t know what we’ll name her. We’re working on it, though.
I actually NEVER stop thinking about it.
Maybe I’ll write a whole other blog post about that.

Today, I went to my first Women’s Bible Study.
Large groups of women completely terrify me, as a general rule.
{Just to be completely honest.}

But it was good.
And I wrote something down that was said that I think is worth sharing:

Let your daily history be a traveling to Jesus, empty.
And a coming from Jesus, filled.

I’m hoping for & looking forward to some great things in these next few months with these women, as we pursue Jesus together.

I’ve been trying out new recipes & having some wonderful kitchen adventures.
Recently, I’ve ventured into: banana bread, buttermilk biscuits, blueberry muffins, a whole chicken from a local farm, variations on my homemade ice cream, a cornbread crust chicken pot pie, new adventures with kombucha, and more!
This week, I’m hoping to make these dark chocolate homemade Reese’s that I couldn’t help but steal from my awesome friend Jen’s blog. Who, by the way, is pregnant with baby #4!
We are so excited for their family to welcome in this new little life. Praise Jesus for this little one!

That’s all for now.   : )

1 thought on “Ketchup.”

  1. You will absolutely miss her wiggling in your belly! I remember immediately after Keaton was born, watching him squirm around and thinking “that’s what he was doing in my belly and now I’m empty.” lol. I am anxiously awaiting your vaccine post(s)!


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