And Away We Go

Have you seen the movie “Away We Go?”
It’s one of our absolute favourites.

There’s this scene where the couple is checking in at the airport for a flight & the ladies at the counter ask for  her doctor’s note.
You only need a Dr’s note if you’re flying after 8 months.
She’s only six months, she reassures them.

After several second opinions based on the size of her belly, they end up taking the train.

I feel that way this week.
It’s like my belly exploded in the last 3 weeks. It’s crazy. I feel HUGE.

People love to ask what Littlest’s name will be.
We’re not sure.
We have some favourites, but we’ll probably wait until we see her face to give her a name.

We’ve got less than 100 days until her expected arrival.
We’re in the 6th month now.
She’s about 1.5-2 pounds, & more than a foot long.

The trip to Atlanta has been awesome so far.
I’ve got some drafts to post that need some tweaking first, according to my editor.
I’ll update about the events of this trip when we return, but let me just say:

I’ve satisfied several of the long term pregnancy cravings that I’d been having.
I got to eat at The Varsity. Greasy, deadly goodness.
I had 2 chili cheese dogs & a frosted orange.
{+ John & I shared some onion rings.}
Surprisingly, the heartburn from that meal was nothing in comparison to that of the pizza we ate the evening before.

I got to eat Pinkberry.
I had the chocolate frozen yogurt topped with brownie bites, strawberries, dark chocolate crisps, & oreos.

This morning, I ate a lemon poppyseed muffin from a Jewish deli/bakery down the street from my sister’s place.

I promise, I’ve done more than eat since we’ve been here.
I’ve been really helpful in the packing process.
{Okay, so maybe the food & the cable TV have been a bit distracting. But, I’ve been trying. Really.}

We’re off to Trader Joe’s to stock up on wine, maple syrup, organic chocolate, and other various items that must last until our next trip to Atlanta. Trader Joe’s is a fantastic place I wish we had in Florida. Affordable, good products that we can afford to stock up on!

PS – I must share some of my favourite pregnancy tunes as of late:

{They’re “pregnancy tunes” not because they have anything to do with pregnancy or babies necessarily, but I’m pregnant & I love them. So, yeah.}

Alexi Murdoch. {Soundtrack of Away We Go}
Amos Lee. {Fantastic Pandora find.}
Joshua Radin. {A favourite for the last year.}
Iron & Wine. {A favourite since I discovered them.}

I must say, I think the little one prefers faster, louder music.
She does some dancing in my belly when there’s loud music, that’s for sure.

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