26 years

25 years of life that have led to this moment.

25 years of chaos that have led to Jesus.

25 years of memories & moments, life & laughter that have shaped his character.

25 years of hard times, trials & tests…
25 years of life lessons, being ‘churched’ & growing…
25 years of failing & falling…

25 years of getting back up.

One of my favourite quotes is from a book by CS Lewis, Screwtape Letters & it goes like this:

He {Jesus} wants them {people} to learn to walk, and must therefore take away His hand; and if only the will to walk is really there, He is pleased even with their stumbles.

I’ve been so pleased & proud to see the ways in which my sweet husband has been learning to walk, humbly depending on Jesus, reaching for grace & redemption & stumbling into humility & wisdom.
It’s beautiful & it makes me fall more in love with him everyday.

25 years of his life, & this year, he’s become a husband that I never imagined I’d have, a husband he hoped he could be, a man I’m so proud to know & love.
25 years of his life, & this year, he’ll become a father I’ve been watching him grow so beautifully into.
Farewell to the 25th year.
I hope this, {the 26th} exceeds your hopes & expectations, my love.
You have far exceeded every one of mine.

Happy Birthday, Darling.

Happy birthday to: my best friend, the love of my life, the father of our littlest, the husband of my dreams.
You are wonderful. I love you & I can’t wait to see you grow even more over the next 25 years!

1 thought on “26 years”

  1. Happy birthday to your husband!
    Btw, this is Iris from the Mama Circle meetings. I got your blog URL from your Meetup group profile and have subscribed – love reading blogs! 🙂


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