Nesting & Procrastinating.

Such an interesting thing.

I spent much of the first 4 months of the pregnancy nesting in the way of responding through reading, writing, & research on all things baby.

The last 3 weeks?
I’ve been re-organizing everything we own. Every box, every shelf, every drawer, every item we own has been evaluated & decided on: keep it, get rid of it, store it, use it, sell it, or set it on fire?

{Okay, so we haven’t really set anything on fire, but I thought about it with some things.}

And I finished…

{After all the reorganizing, rearranging, selling of things, & replacing of: a dresser & much of the living room furniture, as well as laying plans for the guest room {once our out of town guests have used it} to be turned into baby space too.}
at 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

{Have I mentioned my husband is amazing? So patient, so loving, so helpful. So understanding when I’m reassuring him that it’s not as late as it might feel, or that it doesn’t feel as late as it is, and that we’re so close to being finished, just this one more box… and the one underneath it. Then, I’ll go to sleep.}

My nesting at home has meant NOT nesting by writing on the blog.

It’s really, really difficult to start writing about the vaccine stuff.

AND, I’m a MAJOR procrastinator.


If I need to

{let’s just say…}
find a pediatrician before my 28 week prenatal appointment,
I’ll spend the 4 weeks leading up to that appointment doing everything else I’ve ever talked {or thought} about doing.

I broke our dresser {on accident}, then got a new one, assembled it, fixed the old one, sold it, completely rearranged our bedroom {and every other room, too}. I made homemade ice cream twice {which I’d been putting off for weeks}. I made muffins. I made biscuits. I sorted everything. Every paper & movie ticket stub & receipt. Every little thing.

SO, I got A LOT done.
Too bad I’m not this productive ALL the time.

Of course, I always end up accomplishing what I need to.
At the last possible moment.

It’s like I make a to-do-list of all the things I need to do {like, ever} & put the most important at the very end… and then do everything else before I even consider starting on the thing I really need to do.

Like, everything else that I could think of when I made the list as well as all the things I think of along the way. Like cleaning behind the sofa & the ceiling of the microwave & reorganizing the bookshelves by genre, like looking through every pair of earrings I’ve ever owned & finding their matches & completely reorganizing my jewelry box, downloading a new song on my computer, making sure I keep up with photos of the growing belly, & vacuuming the bathroom rug…

{Which doesn’t work, by the way… the vacuum tends to eat the rug. Don’t try it. It’s not pretty.}

Needless to say, my sweet husband’s birthday is on Sunday & I’ve procrastinated deciding about a gift plan/idea for the last 4ish weeks, & so, I have nothing.

{AND… That example about the pediatrician may just be a tiny bit true.}

BUT, never fear…

There are still two days until John’s birthday.
And, 2 weeks between now & our next appointment {5 days of which} where I will have time to interview pediatricians for the littlest.

I’ve put off the pediatrician because it’s what I’m looking forward to the least about all the baby stuff.

I’ve put off John’s birthday stuff because I don’t have any idea how to compete with the awesome stuff I did for his 25th birthday last year.

I’ve put off writing the next vaccine post because I know it’s extreme. Because the research I’ve found breaks my heart. Because I know it’s going to make people angry with me. Because I know at some point, someone will tell me I’m a terrible mom for the decisions I’m making about the vaccinations.

It’s like I do everything I’ve ever said I’m going to do so that I eliminate any excuse NOT to do what I know I need to do, so I’m able to completely focus on that task {once I finally get to it}.

Perfect example?
Today I was on a roll with writing the next vaccine post… making lots of progress, & there were about 1000 distractions. Nevertheless, I pushed through & got a lot written.
And… at the critical moment in the writing process for this specific post, I took out my headphones, picked up my cell phone, & started making our plans for tomorrow.


OH! Also, right now: it’s 12:17 am. I know tomorrow’s going to be a long day but I’m completely avoiding going to bed. I should tackle this procrastination problem right away by just going to bed.



PS – I just want to clarify… I’m back. I hope to be back to nesting via blogging asap. I’ve missed this way of processing life & all the craziness that comes with growing a baby.
And, I think the second vaccine post is almost ready.

{Unless I decide to delete it & re-write it from the beginning, again.}

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