Blood, Sweat & Tears

Okay, so there’s really only been sweat & tears so far. It’s been a CRAZY month.

July meant about 20 hangouts with the family in Orlando squeezing in all the last minute precious moments possible before they {most of them} move to Tennessee.
It’s been put off a bit, so there are still a few trips to Orlando in store for the next 10 days or so, before the brothers & Roquemore parents move.

July’s ended, which means another busy month, August:
My friends Caryn & Jen come visit me from Texas & Pennsylvania. For a week.
Then, John & I go to Atlanta to bid my sister farewell. She’s off to California.
John’s birthday happens somewhere in there.


Between all the family hangouts, Nomsa happenings, & baby stuff…
One might wonder what ELSE we’ve been doing. Well….

Productivity wise:

I’ve completely reorganized all of Nomsa’s files. {For the last 3 years.}
I’m about halfway done re-organizing {& emptying} 2 closets.
I’ve finished reading Real Food for Mother & Baby.
I’ve started reading Make an Informed Vaccine Decision AND Shepherding a Child’s Heart.
I’ve almost finished with the next post in the vaccine series.
I completely rearranged our room {because our dresser broke}.
{I didn’t move furniture on my own, John was here & did most of it.}
I’ve considered {& taken measurements for} every possible option for a new dresser & room setup.
I’ve found a new dresser for us within our budget.
I’ve figured out that we’re less than 3 years from being completely debt-free {student loans, car payments, etc}.
I launched {last week} a website that I built.
I started on a new web project.
I finished {& ACED, I might add!} my Biology of Human Sexuality course.

{Only a few credits from being DONE!}
I took every book off of our bookshelves & reorganized them by category/genre.
I’ve posted 15 books to to sell.


We’ve watched several movies together during these last several weeks.
We’ve taken plenty of time to talk through our options about Baby Roque’s delivery, names for her, finances, nutrition, & all sorts of other things.
We’ve had quite a bit {although seemingly never enough} snuggle time.
I haven’t made any new meals in more than a week.
{In fact, I haven’t made much food lately. John’s been helping a ton with food.}
I yelled at John. For something really, really stupid. So stupid I don’t even remember.
& In the middle of yelling at him, started crying, because I realized I was yelling at him.
About something really stupid.
I’ve totally slacked off on posting to the blog.


We’ve made time to talk & pray, do Bible reading together, & enjoy family worship time often.
I’m learning about humility. {Blog post coming soon on that one.}
We heard our baby girl’s heartbeat again. 144 beats per minute. She’s been wiggling A LOT.

Posts coming soon:

  • Passion & Pain
  • Humility
  • Vaccines: Part 2

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