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This post is a must because I’m realizing I can’t {because I’ll never have the time I think I will} write an entire blog post on every cool article or thought provoking thing I read/encounter.
So, here we are with some links to awesome stuff & as always, my responses.

Some of my internet activity as of late:

Real Men Wear Babies {Just a cute photoblog entry.}
John tells me on an almost daily basis that he can’t wait to snuggle our baby & “wear” her in a wrap. He is too cute.
{Also, I love the photo of the Dad wearing the baby & vacuuming at the same time.}

Consumer Compassion
I don’t necessarily share the views of the article {but it certainly presents interesting information}.
Actually, I think the marketing of compassion {in the form of Buy One Give One, just raising “awearness,” etc} creates & often perpetuates apathy & indifference more often than not. How insane is it that our consumeristic culture has gotten to the point that people will choose where to SERVE {= give selflessly, sacrifice, lay down their lives, etc} based on what they’ll get in return. Um, can we say, missing the point?
A little over three years ago when I started getting involved with ministry stuff {going to Africa, working with the homeless, etc} it was definitely not as “cool.” But the people who chose to serve were absolutely willing to sacrifice to do so. Now, what matters is how they look doing it, & now that we’re facing possible persecution due to the laws being changed, more people are quitting. {Note: when we started, the laws were what they have been changed back to now. & We had more real commitment to the actual cause.}

Beauty, Marriage & Sex Podcast Series by City Church.
It’s a series. There are 2 up currently {the 2 most recent, from Proverbs}.
City Church is the best church community we’ve ever been a part of
{Of course, we’re only a part of the community now via podcast & remaining friendships, but alas…}
This series has been especially wonderful & redeeming, challenging & incredible.
They’re about 45 minutes each, but so, so worth the time. Truth will most certainly be spoken into your life.
I really, really urge you to listen to the series. It will challenge what you’ve been taught of beauty, marriage, & sex. If you’re a woman who’s struggled with appearance at all, it will speak to your heart. If you’re a man who has a definition or standard of beauty, you should listen to this. Seriously.
One of my favorite parts of the second podcast, about 30 minutes in:

“Satan’s primary strategy for us is NOT that we would get black candles & light them up in dark caves,  it is NOT that we would take our babies & throw them over the ravine, it is NOT that we would listen to rock & roll music from the 80’s backwards…
Satan’s primary strategy for us is given to us in Ephesians 2: that we would simply follow the pattern of this world. He doesn’t even have to tempt us with anything extraordinary, he just has us do what the world does & if we’ll stop & think about it, the world & its’ teaching on beauty is horrible, & God’s teaching on beauty is gracious & good & pleasurable, & it grows over time.
Why wouldn’t we pick that?”

Ashton Events
My neighbor. She’s an event & wedding planner. She’s an awesome girl & a really cool friend.
This is also the first customized WP site I’ve ever built. {Besides We Roquemore, but that doesn’t count because I haven’t done much, – okay, really any – customizing.}
Pretty exciting. We just launched the site today. Whoa!
I’d love your feedback.

I think this is plenty for now. But I’ll probably do more posts like this, occasionally.

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