Vaccines, A Preface & Disclaimer

Finding out that I’m having a baby has been the biggest motivator {ever} to do all those things I’ve always thought I might like to do one day {except when it comes to traveling, but, I digress}…

Okay, so maybe all of those domestic things I never thought I’d ever do but always thought admirable in others.
i.e. Real food. Homemade
anything. Cooking. Etc.

Anyway, in addition to getting my act together on the health front, I’ve been so inspired to really research all the things that are normally considering a part of the “norm” or a “given” for steps to take in the whole baby/parenthood adventure.

One of the {many} things I’ve been researching is:


There have been ample horror stories from friends & family about vaccines since I started doing the research & asking questions.

Ample stories that were health related that led us to the decision not to vaccinate our little ones as they come along.

Then, moral reasons started to come up as well.
{Primarily, the discovery that aborted fetal cells are on the list of ingredients in several common vaccinations.}

I hope in this series of posts on vaccinations that I will be able to share my research as well as some of the stories that have been shared with me…


I hope that my heart & motivation for sharing this research is clear:
I care about finding the truth.
I want your feedback.
I want to help by sharing research & resources to those {many} who have asked me what I’ve found.
I hope they’ll pass it along to those who don’t have the time to do all the research themselves.

I am NOT sharing this to judge, condemn, divide, separate, anger or frustrate any of the awesome moms I know.
I am NOT saying that the decision not to vaccinate is an easy one to make.

I do hope that you’ll have grace with me as I share the journey we’ve been on.
& I hope to give grace as I get {what may be harsh} feedback.

Just to reiterate:
If you are pro-vaccines, I still want to be your friend.
I still want to know you, I won’t think any less of you.
Please, please hear: that’s my heart.

{I give all of these disclaimers because I’ve heard a LOT of stories from other moms about harsh responses they’ve gotten when being honest about not vaccinating.}

4 thoughts on “Vaccines, A Preface & Disclaimer”

  1. WOW that is a tough decision, i thought alot about this issue and my daughter when the time came, but what i found in my research is the Pros def. outweigh the Cons(in my opinion) i Decided i would not be able to live with myself if anything happened to my daighter as a result of my decisions. These vaccines are around and used safely everyday for a reason, and the chances of anything happening are always scary but thats Parenthood.. If she developed any thing that i could have prevented i would never live it down, That is all i kept thinking,”What if?” I decided to have her vaccinated, and i did it with believeing i was taking every precaution i could to make sure my child would have every chance given to be as healthy as possible. Also Not vaccinating can put others at risk as well. Not to mention all children need to be vaccinated to recieve an education.. I believe every mother knows best for her child, i just wanted to share my feelings and my thought process when i was faced with the decision. Best of luck with your decision.


  2. hey girl! my sister hasn’t vaccinated either of her kids. my brother-in-law is a chiropractor and has done all the research as well. šŸ™‚ here is a link to my sister’s blog (she doesn’t blog very much anymore but while she was pregnant with both her kids she blogged all about it… so if your ever bored you can look through her old posts) and then if you would like a blog for healthy/all-natural meals you can follow this blog (another of my sister’s blogs). good luck with the research! i totally believe it… so you go girl! haha! šŸ™‚ miss you! hope you guys are doing well!!


  3. As a mommy who has been on both sides of the coin (scared into vaccinating and then scared out of it !) I cannot wait for your series… I hope everyone who reads your post can walk away grateful for your humble attitude and your strong desire for truth.

    When I began researching, what little I did before becoming overwhelmed, I found completely adamant claims on both sides… This was disheartening… I had to ask myself : 1) who has more to gain/lose ? ..which led to: 2) where does the money trail lead? In the end I decided to stop & wait, possibly do an alternative schedule, possibly not.. I guess the claims of parents spoke louder to me than those of corporations/associations.

    Interesting note : In the 1970ā€™s and early 1980ā€™s infants received 10 vaccines – the autism rate was 1 in 10,000. Children now receive 36 vaccines before the age of 18 months. Autism rate 1 in 150.

    I wish I had known my son’s vax schedule was so vastly different than the one I received as a child…


  4. Stacey is completely right with her research! It’s a very tough decision! My biggest issue was the rise in autism since the 1980’s which correlated with more vaccines given to infants! I spoke with our pediatrician, and he of course is for vaccines. I was told if we chose not to vaccinate, most doctors would refuse care to your child, which they can legally do! That means no annual check-ups or sick visits for your child. If you look at the European vaccination schedule, it’s different! The rate for autism is not nearly as high as it is here! Just a thought if you’re interested! Now i know you mentioned aborted fetal cells; I am not familiar with that research. But I would think that it would or should be illegal! That’s crazy that they would be able to do that! I’m very shocked to hear this!
    Lee Anne, I wish the best for you and your little angel! I’m going to message you a few sites that I researched, and I hope it will be helpful!


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