Random Thought Thursday

This Random Thought Thursday is more like: Random Thought Process Thursday.
So much to say I’ll break it up into categories. Ha!

Thoughts on Thank You Notes
I’m the WORST at thank you notes.
Like, I have these friends who send thank you notes for everything. EVERYTHING.
And it makes me feel awful.
Mostly because I just never get around to writing a good thank you note.
Something about my procrastinating tendencies completely keep thank you notes at the absolute bottom of my list.
I’d write an email AND tell the person how much I appreciated their thoughtful gift, 1000 times.
But, finding an address, getting thank you cards that aren’t super lame, writing something that doesn’t sound completely stupid…
… It just makes every bit of nervousness I have {as well as any writer’s block} surface immediately.
{Also, has anyone else noticed how expensive thank you notes are?}


Baby Name Dilemma
I’m making my way through a name database {girl names only, for now} of 1,000s of names.
How this works is: I keep a tab open & make my way through a few pages of names & meanings everyday. I’m guessing I’ll probably finish & decide on a name by the time she’s three.

Crap. You only have three days once they’re born. Not three years. I better read these names faster.
Another interesting fact about the baby name journey: I’m putting favourites into a spreadsheet complete with columns for: name, origin, meaning, intended gender, US popularity, {& coming soon: nicknames}.

Blue Man Group
John’s family has been talking about taking him to see Blue Man Group for at least two years. 2 birthdays have come & gone. We’re approaching another birthday, but for this birthday, most of the family will be living in other cities. I took action. I made a plan, I lobbied for dates on the calendar, I finalized dates with everyone, and then had to change them two or three times. I found a way to get tickets for $30 instead of the normal $65. {I was DETERMINED to get John to see this show.}

And? It was fantastic. He LOVED it.
We had almost the entire family on both sides {we were missing a sister on each side}.
And we LOVE spending time with our families.
{As difficult as it can be to get everyone’s schedules synched up, it’s always worth it.}
The show was hilarious & fun, interactive & entertaining. I think even Baby Roque loved it.
We ate at Pei Wei & Menchie’s before. It was an evening of serious indulgence for us. Dinner out, dessert out, & a show?!

The End of July, 2010.
It’s nearing the end of July, which means many things:

+ two of my most awesome friends are coming to visit {from TX & PA} VERY soon!
+ we’re getting much closer to the third trimester. {Begins September 6th}
– my sister moves to California SOON.
– the Roquemore parents & brothers move away, within days.
+ several birthdays: both sisters Dana & Laura, Mom’s, John’s.


I’ve been working on some other posts about things we’ve been researching & more meaningful stuff.
Believe me, there are drafts just simmering.

The vaccine posts are still coming. Plus a gallery of ultrasound pictures, the ultrasound video, & more.

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