Mama Circle

John & I have high expectations for our “days off.”
Expectations that we’ll tackle a huge to-do list of things that remain undone from our to-do-lists from days, weeks, months, years, and {seemingly} lifetimes past.
So, when it’s 4:30 p.m. & all the day has to show for itself are amazing conversations, we struggle to not be stressed by that.

I went to Mama Circle today.
Mama Circle is, well, really what it sounds like {at least to me}.
Some other expectant Mamas, some new Mamas, & experienced Mamas all come together to talk about Mommyhood. {Okay, so today I was the only expectant Mama. Because the other one had her 5 day old with her!!}

We talk about so many things from birthing to babywearing, breastfeeding, diapering {or not}, vaccinating {or not}, pediatricians, food, & so much more. It’s a place for moms to come & learn more about a lot of natural parenting options as well as to just be supported & encouraged by other Moms about the reality of motherhood.

It’s been one of the few places I’ve felt really able to be honest about what I’m learning about parenting stuff as well as to ask questions about things I’m uncertain of about parenthood.

It’s a beautiful little community being built.

Of course, every time I get together with other mama(s) {at Mama Circle or otherwise}, I am reminded of just how incredibly fortunate I am to have the fantastic husband that I do.

Often, mamas talk about the lack of support they’re getting from their husbands about researching natural parenting things, food/health related options, & things that fall into {what we call} the category of “outside the norm.” I have what a friend at Mama Circle {who has met my husband} calls a husband of a completely different breed. Which is, oh-so-true.

I usually come away from conversations with other wives or moms extremely grateful for the fantastically supportive husband I have who has an amazingly open mind, is incredibly supportive of my research & reading, and is always ready to talk & pray through anything we face.

He’s also really, really excited about all these “weird” things we’re looking into.

{In case you need an update, they are:

EC, cloth diapering, ecological breastfeeding, co-sleeping, non-vaccinating, & more}

In addition to my deepening appreciation for the truly incredible husband I have & the amazing father I’m confident he’ll be, I often come home from spending time with other women {again, wives or mamas} really excited to talk with him about whole new topics, or of course, to reevaluate things we’ve already discussed.

So, after the really encouraging time at Mama Circle today, I came home & started a discussion with my husband about whether or not we should find out the gender of Baby Roque {even though we decided a while ago} & I wanted to re-evaluate. I also wanted to talk about circumcision.

Circumcision is a decision that almost makes me want to have a girl to avoid having to face. Pretty silly of me. I’m just undecided. And after an hour {okay, maybe a little more} of conversation today, we’re both still undecided. There will be more conversation on the topic to come after I research.

After re-evaluating our decision about whether or not to find out the gender of the little one, we talked {for quite some time} & came to the same conclusion as before, even though now for completely different reasons.

All of this to say:
I love that I’ve got a new avenue for openly & honestly discussing mommy related things with moms.

& What only ever increases: an even deeper appreciation for my sweet husband
{that comes from a better understanding of who he is}.

1 thought on “Mama Circle”

  1. Circumcision is a big decision – I hear ya about being undecided! When Ethan was born, we were run of the mill with almost all of these things, so we went ahead and did the circumcision. Well, it healed wrong and the pediatrician assured me it was fine – until he was about 9 months old. In which case, OH, I was right, it had healed wrong! (wow, how little I trusted MYSELF back then!). What followed was a 9,000 dollar surgery to correct the botched procedure because it was no longer cosmetic – there were medical problems with how it had “shaped up”. It was so aweful to put Ethan under full anesthesia SO young, while breastfeeding only (I was about to explode while he was in the OR!), and then for two weeks he was in gauze around his you-know-what-es and cried everything he had to pee. It was so sad! (and a lot of medical debt!)

    And you know what? If I were pregnant with a boy again, I would STILL have a hard time deciding about the procedure again (wouldn’t you think this one would be a no-brainer for me?!)

    So you guys just keep talking about it and I’m sure the right thing will become apparent, whatever that is FOR YOUR family 🙂


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