Meet the Littlest.

18.5 weeks

Meet Baby Roque.
He/she is 19 weeks on Sunday.
Can’t believe it!

Happy Saturday, friends.
Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy this excuse to not work & do lots of playing!
We’ll be in Orlando today visiting with friends & family…
Back in Lakeland on Sunday for church & more visiting with friends.

2 thoughts on “Meet the Littlest.”

  1. You look so cute! Enjoy this special time. Motherhood is so great but it will be those wonderful memories that will carry you from day to day. Jonathan and I are So excited for you both! I would love to send you a baby gift. what do you need? Are you going to find out the sex, or be surprised? It is special either way. We have done both. I personally enjoyed getting prepared but the surprise was special too. They just wore lots of white, yellow and green. Lol have a great fourth! I was pregnant with my first ( and in my first trimester) on the 4th, just like you. Elizabeth was born the day after Thanksgiving. :-).


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