It’s July. That means:

♥ We’ve been married for six months.

June’s over. Whew. What a month.

⊗ Much of our family is moving at the end of the month.
(Mama & Papa Roque & all the brothers)

♥ We’re a little less than 5 months from littlest Roque’s birthday.

We’re getting raw dairy products bi-weekly.

⊗ We’re quickly approaching yet another American holiday.
American holidays always make me think of Jesus. And Jesus for President.

♥ We’ll spend time with family because they get together on all holidays (& I love that).

We’ll spend time with MB & her hubs, and Ben & DB.

We have our one ultrasound.

We’re a bit closer to when my sister moves to California.

We’ve got 3 birthdays in our family this month.
My Mom & the youngest & oldest Roquemore siblings (BJ & Dana)!

I’m definitely going to take a photo of the belly & will possibly post it to Facebook/the blog.

♥ John says: “We really live in Lakeland now. We’ve been here six months. We’re no longer “new.”

The Musical Roquemore starts his couch tour.
(& Hopefully launches a website with the assistance of us).

We’re going to see Blue Man Group. For John’s Birthday. Which is in August.
He’s wanted to go as long as I’ve known him. I must make it happen.

*** ♥ Hearts brought to you by the happy things that July brings.
*** ⊗ These things brought to you by the sad things July brings.

1 thought on “July.”

  1. I am glad that the good things out weigh the sad things in the month of July! Can’t wait for your ultrasound!


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