Sunshine in the midst of a very cloudy week…

Okay, so not actual sunshine, because I live in Florida, and well, it’s so “sunshine-y” here that I don’t really even like to go outside for about 6 months of the year… but absolutely the metaphorical sunshine on a cloudy day.

As noted in several recent posts, it’s been rough since we moved to Lakeland & especially rough lately with added drama. The hardest thing about all of it has been that we’ve just felt so alone here. I’ve expressed our ache for community.

Last week was the most I’d been around people that were non-family members in a long time, and it was great. Except, they were all new people & there wasn’t any comfort, just gobs of nervousness.

Monday night,
My first florida friend, from when I moved to Orlando in 2006, drove to Lakeland to have dinner with us and it was great to talk and catch up on life. We visited for a good five hours.

Tuesday night,
We did a stay-in double-date at our place. An awesome couple we know, that I’m apparently very comfortable with,  came over and we watched Away We Go which happens to be one of our favourite movies. Afterwards, we talked about all the stuff that’s going on & I cried quite a bit.

I say quite a bit because we were in front of other people, if I was alone, it’d be pretty wimpy crying. Ha! Levels of crying. I need a life!
Oh, wait… that’s where we’re going with this.

I realized how late it was & remembered earlier DB gently reminded her husband, who was busy talking (or more probably listening) to mine, that they had to work early in the morning so we needed to get started on the movie.

I quickly told them the time & then said they should go.
They said, not before we pray together, if that’s okay?
I wanted to cry even more, now for a new reason.
We sat in a line holding hands, husbands on the outside, us girls in the middle, & they prayed with us for me, for us. It was so, so encouraging.
They loved us so well.
And, she cried. I haven’t had anyone cry with me, in, well, I can’t remember how long.

Even more sunshine to come as the week goes on…

I went to lunch at MB’s house way in a part of Lakeland I didn’t even know existed.
(Supposed to start at noon, but I was writing on the blog so I ended up there at almost 12:30. Oops.)
Lunch lasted until 4:30. Okay, not the meal part, but the wonderful conversations & time spent.
It was fantastic.
She made a terrific chicken caesar salad & strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream.


At this point in my week, things are getting more sunny
(not just because of the strawberry shortcake, but because of the blossoming friendships).

Halfway through our awesome hangout time at MB’s house, we started talking about crocheting.

By the way, these lovely ladies I was hanging with are married to brothers. So, they’re sisters-in-law. & they’re just so fantastic. I’ve yet to have a conversation with the husbands, really. But they’ve got some great taste, so I expect that they’ll be pretty awesome, too.

Back to the crocheting. I got really excited, because I’d like to learn to crochet, because I’d like to make Baby Roque lots of cute little fantastic crocheted things.

But I don’t even know where to start.
So I immediately demanded that she teach me to crochet so I can make the littlest a blanket.

She goes to the other room & comes back with this beautiful blanket she’s in the process of making, & says she’d be happy to teach me, but I should know (before I jump into a baby-blanket crocheting frenzy) that she’s been making this one for our littlest Roque.

I tried my absolute best to maintain my composure.
But I was. just. floored.
This little white & sunshine yellow & goldfish colored blanket just about rocked my world.

We were deliberating on what color the orange/red/pinkish lines are, and she said it’s called “goldfish.” Pretty cool.

Not just because it’s a sweet thing for this baby that’s growing in my belly & I have yet to acquire sweet things for this baby (though, trust me, I’ve done LOTS of window shopping online).
But, honestly, because, well, I imagine it would take me about a thousand hours to make this blanket she’s holding, & so it must take her at least a few. & she said that she’s not done & that she wants to make a smaller one for littlest Roque to carry around.

Floored. Right there. Awesome act of selfless love that just made me want to cry.
Cry, like the really good tears. Oh! Right, here they come.

Oh, & did I mention that someone brought me cookies & said she was praying for me yesterday?
So great. & I’m not even sure if she reads the blog.

Thanks, Jesus for answering the cries for community we’ve been throwing out there.
Thanks, friends, real friends, for exceeding my expectations in your kindness & love this week.

3 thoughts on “Sunshine.”

  1. Lee Anne,

    We have never met but I used to work with John at Apple a few years back. I just recently started reading this blog and I just wanted you to know that I have been praying for you and your growing family! 🙂


    1. Stephanie!

      Thank you so much for your prayer. We need that everyday. Stay tuned for some posts by me (if I can get some of my drafts done :D).


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