Lost Friends

Many of you know that I started an organization that works with the homeless in Orlando.

The move to Lakeland has been a strain on that passion of mine, but it’s so fantastic when we get to go for Thursday nights & Saturday potlucks.

I wasn’t able to go for two weeks. The first week, we were at the hospital with John’s grandmother, and the second, we were at the birthing center.

The focus of this organization is seeing change through community… Building relationships that strengthen the hearts and hope of the people we’re so blessed to get to know.

Often, that means a lot of heartache.
It means you give your heart to people and love them unconditionally.
(Painfully so, at times.)

And for two weeks, when I haven’t been able to embrace that part of my community I’ve learned of two deaths of friends of mine. One in her sleep, and one was killed while riding his bicycle.

Two friends, who always always make me smile with their warm greetings and intentional conversations, are gone.

Gone, and I can’t tell you enough about their stories. I don’t know if they had family to be contacted. I don’t know if they’ll have a service or if they’re gone, to be forgotten & cast aside like society did while they were alive.

Terry & Stacey : you will be missed. I loved you dearly & I’m sorry to see you go. I hope that in the time you were part of our community, you experienced love.
That’s our every goal and heartbeat.

Update: I saw Mark, Terry’s husband, and he immediately hugged me, weeping. He told me about his depression in response to losing her. He told me about the last moments of her life. He told me about their whole journey, and through all of his sorrow, by the end of our conversation, he was smiling. She was such a sweetheart, and his love for her is evident. She’s missed by him, by her community, and by all those who read her letters.

Can’t help but be reminded about how fragile life is, how precious time is with those we love, and how important it is to live in the present, moving on a path of wisdom toward the future.

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