Give it a rest.

I’ve got to take a break from a genuine blog post today.

It’s been an incredibly busy week, and to be completely honest…

I am completely overwhelmed & exhausted.
Both physically & emotionally.

So, I’m taking a rest today.

Posts to come, soon. I hope.

If you’re curious about what’s been so overwhelming,
Almost all of our family is moving away before the baby is born.
John’s looking for a new job, possibly in a new city. Whew.

That’s more than enough to overwhelm me on any given day. But, add these:
I’ve started some online classes in an attempt to get closer to finishing my degree.
People have started pouring in the advice on how we should, or most often, should NOT be doing things with Baby Roque.
We have to start interviewing pediatricians. Ick.
I’m trying to conquer the world: replacing all our cleaning supplies with homemade ones, learning to cook whole, real, raw, healthy, organic foods, learning about cloth diapering, learning about EC, learning about breastfeeding, learning about SO SO SO much. Did I mention, I’m desperate for friends? It’s just been so hard to interact since losing my job, especially.

So much for not posting today. Haha.
If you’re a praying friend, I’d appreciate some prayers:
That we’d have guidance about jobs, peace about the family moving, that I’d be able to sleep through the night tonight.

4 thoughts on “Give it a rest.”

  1. I’ll keep you and John (and Baby) in my thoughts. Also, one of my friends (you may have known him at SCHS… Patrick Rohrer) sent me a couple of raw recipes that I can forward to you if you would like.


  2. Oh girl, I’ll be prayin!
    You sound so much like me – learning so much, all the time, it IS so overwhelming. Sometimes you take it all in at once and then have to just take a break — get back to it again later. The journey towards many of the things you mentioned (attachment parenting, eating “real” foods, simple living, social justice issues, etc etc) is a looooong one and you can take off bite sized pieces to chew. One thing I’ve read before many times is to implement one change at a time, some even say per month. (Month 1 – replace cleaning supplies, Month 2 – make your own breads, etc). And in the end, sometimes something has to give because you just can’t take on the world all at once 🙂

    Baby Roque is one very blessed child to have you both. Keep up the AMAZING work of love.


    1. Thank you so much. 🙂
      I’d love to know more from you on which cloth diapers you like best, although I think we’re going to try EC, it may be a part time event.


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