Fathers’ Day

I wanted to dedicate a post to my Dad
(Who, despite any and all failures and mistakes, has been an incredible Dad…)
My Dad who has shown me unconditional love that cannot help but to point to my Heavenly Father.
My Dad who has taught me about passion, art, and intellect.
My Dad who has taught me about freedom and independence.
My Dad who has taught me about the world, my Dad who has taught be about truth and friendship.
My Dad who has showed me grace and love abundant. My Dad who challenges and encourages me.
My Dad who’s given me freedom and independence to teach me to be me.
My Dad who’s taught me about identity.

… To my Father in Law
(Who, despite any and all failures and mistakes, has given me an amazing husband…)
Papa Roque who has raised a son who’s passionate about his family.
… Who raised a son that loves making people smile.
Papa Roque who has raised a son who stands up for what he believes in.
… Who raised a son who’s not afraid to show affection.
… Who raised a son that’s always pursuing the best way.

… To my Husband, the soon to be Daddy of our precious growing baby…
(Who, despite any & all failures & mistakes, has been & always grows in being an incredible husband.)
My husband who engages my heart in conversation.
My husband who makes me laugh, and wipes away my tears.
My husband who holds me tightly when he knows I need it, & often just because he wants to.
… Who tells me stories and challenges me in truth and wisdom.
My husband Who shares with me his hopes and dreams.
… Who asks questions and wants to learn.
My husband who cares deeply and loves without holding back.
My husband who shows me daily the ways in which he’ll be an inspiring & incredible father.
… Who knows & speaks the importance of truth and grace in the lives of our children.

I realized that what these men have in common (besides relation to me, of course) is Grace.
Grace that redeems and speaks truth through their shortcomings.
Grace that gives the freedom to see truth.
Truth that says the reason these men are so great is because (even when they fail) their heart and goal was, and is, to lead to Christ.

I’m so thankful that I’ve been given the gifts of these men in my life.
I’m so grateful that our children will have these men to be a part of their foundation.
I’m so blessed that our children will have men with hearts for their hearts to be led to Jesus.

Thank you, sweet Father, for your love for me. For your love for us.
For my Dad, for Papa Roque, for my wonderful husband.
Thank you that our little one will have grandfathers and father who love them so much.
Men, family, who want your will and your love for their life.

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A series of posts written by John with thoughts on Father’s Day.

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